How to Make Your Apartment Safe and Secure

When it comes to the safety and security of your apartment, there can be no compromises. Apartment buildings in urbanised areas are the primary targets of burglars and home invaders, especially if you live on the ground floor, if your building and apartment is showing signs of weaknesses or easily accessible entry points. Therefore, whether you are subletting an apartment or you live in your own unit, you need to equip the space with contemporary security measures.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to introduce expensive solutions, as there are several tried and tested safety and security measures you can implement to make your apartment a more enjoyable place to live in. Here is what you need to do.

Install detectors

The first rule of apartment safety entails the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Fire and toxic gas safety is imperative in buildings as well as houses, especially given the fact that carbon monoxide is a particularly volatile, odourless and colourless gas that can have dire consequences for your health. The same can be said about smoke.

Typically, smoke is a sign of fire somewhere in the apartment, and the detector will allow you to catch and contain the flame before it gets the chance to wreak havoc in your apartment and your own health as well. Be sure to install these detectors and perform regular maintenance and check-ups as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Gate security

You can easily elevate the security of your apartment as well as that of the entire building if you perform regular front gate and main building entrance check-ups. You need to make sure that all the locks on the outer doors are functional and that they are sturdy enough to withstand any attempt of a break-in.

Strangers shouldn’t be allowed to simply wander into your building, and if per chance you happen to notice that a lock is malfunctioning, be sure to notify the supervisor promptly so the problem can be fixed immediately.

Mind the buzzer

The buzzer is there to ensure the security of your building and of your apartment, and you should never buzz in anyone you don’t recognise. Be sure to always exercise caution and ignore the buzzer if you do not recognise the visitor, otherwise, you could let potentially dangerous people into your building. Using the buzzer wisely can make all the difference.

Upgrade your front door locks

Front doors should have deadbolt locks, and if your front door has a traditional level lock, the time has come for an upgrade. Sturdy deadbolts are the pinnacle of apartment security and their presence alone is enough to dissuade any home invader from attempting a break-in.

That being said, having a deadbolt means that you can lock yourself out of the apartment at any moment if you’re not paying attention, and you should always have a reliable 24-hour emergency locksmith on speed dial in case you lose your keys and need to get back inside quickly.

Adhere to the first floor rules

Living on the ground or first floor of a building means you need to exercise caution and introduce extra security measures to ensure your safety against external threats. First floor and ground apartments are easy targets for burglars and they are the first opportunity a home invader will look for when scouting the neighbourhood.

You need to make sure all the windows are equipped with durable locking mechanisms and even grates. Don’t forget to close the shades when you’re not home, as people will be able to see directly inside and find potential weak points.

Burglaries are a common problem in urban areas, and rather than think about how to protect your belongings, you should be thinking about the best ways to protect yourself and the ones you love. Be sure to always exercise a healthy dose of scepticism and introduce these essential security features and you will have no problem creating a safe living environment for decades to come.