How to Make Your Rental More Attractive to Potential Tenants

Make Your Rental More Attractive to Potential Tenants

Every day your rental property sits vacant, you lose money. If you are struggling to attract more desirable tenants, learn these simple fixes that will make your rental property instantly irresistible.

Spruce up the curb appeal

First impressions die hard. If the exterior of your building is not appealing enough, a prospective tenant might just drive away down the street, cash in their pocket. There is a number of things you can do to improve it.

First of all, remove all the weeds, trash and debris from your front lawn. Then make sure the lawn and the accompanying shrubs are cut and trimmed. If you have a porch or an outdoor lounging area, add a few planters to make it more lively and inviting.

Proceed to strip any chipped paint, broken railings or damaged window screens. People always pay attention to the mailbox and address number. If you can’t repair the existing ones, purchase new ones.

Transform with a brush

You can completely transform a space with a fresh coat of paint for hardly more than $20. Revive dull walls, brighten dim hallways and highlight architectural features like built-in shelves or false ceiling.

A satin or semi-gloss paint would be perfect for a rental space, as it makes much it much easier to wipe off crayon marks, scuffs, and grease. If you are going to paint the outdoor railings, siding, and shutters make sure to use paint suitable for exteriors, as it can withstand harsh weather.

Everybody likes neutral

Your goal is to make the property interesting for a large number of people. Even if you think that a pink bathroom or lime green kitchen furniture make a statement, most people don’t. Go with neutral paint colours like beige, grey and cream. Once the tenant agrees to rent, offer to paint the space to their taste when they move in, as long as they paint it back to the original or similar colour once they move out.

Extend the neutral theme to tiles, hardwood floors, carpets, light fixtures and storage furniture. These timeless designs will save you money in the long run, as you wouldn’t have to update to the latest trends.

Focus on kitchen and bathrooms

These two rooms are related to personal hygiene and general well-being and can get you new tenants or drive them away. Mop the floors, polish all appliances, scrub cabinets inside and out, scrub the tub, toilet and wipe all hardware. Remove dried droplets and fingerprints from mirrors and glass features. You may not look up that often, but your prospective tenants will.

Remove cobwebs, dust and grease from light fixtures. Make sure all the bulbs are working. Replacing worn out cabinet handles is an inexpensive way to make the room more appealing.

If the drinking water is an issue in the area, a good water purification system (as a reverse osmosis water filter, for instance), will certainly draw the attention of potential tenants.

Highlight the positives

One easy way to make your property more attractive is to emphasize its positives. Read through local newspapers, real estate office brochures and websites and find properties that are similar to yours in location, price, and specifications. If there is another property nearby that is emphasising double-glazed windows, and you have regular ones, don’t mention them at all. If you have a balcony or a barbecue-friendly backyard patio – sell those. If there is a public transportation line nearby, make sure to highlight a quicker commute.

These five rental makeover tips will extend the attractiveness of your property and sooner or later, you will have the potential tenants lining in front of your door.