The Top 10 Postcodes In Manchester With The Highest Yields

Buying a property is always something that requires planning and strategic thinking. The prospect of being able to earn a significant amount of money from your investment is always attractive.

You want to make sure that you are going to be able to get a good return on investment and this is why you want to ensure the highest yields. This is going to make a world of a difference in the true value of your purchase.

Buying homes for rental purposes

Making sure that you can get the highest rental yield on any property is going to be extremely important. This is always a great way to ensure a purchase that will be worth buying. That is the reason why Abricko offers such an essential and useful service. We will make sure that you find your ideal property investment by comparing listing, checking the best yields and helping you find the best opportunities.

We would like to give you some useful information right now that is going to give you a good head start on your property acquisition process. Knowing the best postcodes is always an advantage because you will know exactly where to go when you are looking to purchase property. The last thing you want is o buy a nice home in a low yield area.

The following are the top 10 postcodes in Manchester with the highest rental yield:

City Postcodes Avg. Yield

Manchester BL8 7.92%

Manchester M9 7.34%

Manchester M18 7.33 %

Manchester M12 7.26 %

Manchester M38 7.18%

Manchester M43 6.94%

Manchester M14 6.66%

Manchester BL6 6.62%

Manchester M8 6.59%

Manchester OL7 6.38%

By focusing your attention, time and energy, looking for the right property investment in the postcode BL8 you have automatically higher chance to increase your yield by +24.1% compared with the last postcode in the top 10 in Manchester (OL7 6.38%). Also, if this sounds like a great improvement of your odds, is still nothing compared with the post codes with the lowest average yield: M15 (4.53%). Compared with M15, the chance to increase your annual gross yield is now up to +74.8%!


It’s very important to be aware of the fluctuations and changes that happen overtime when it comes to high yielding areas. These are the top choices right now and represent a great opportunity for you to acquire property that will provide a high return in investment. Find your ideal property investment on Abricko.