10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Home Décor

What makes really good home décor? For starters, home décor done right consists of perfect proportions, the right colours, and a feeling of safety and luxury.

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But without the right things to put in your living space, or at least the know-how, you might fall for the following ten mistakes that can happen when pursuing beautiful home décor:

1. Not budgeting

Sometimes, you can’t help but buy something out of impulse. But sometimes, if the thing that you bought doesn’t agree with you after all, you can always take it back, if you still have the receipt for it.

Do your research first before buying anything.

Also, look at pricing. If something is too expensive for you, then it’s an easy skip. Always have a budget in mind before going to the showroom, because buyer’s remorse happens when you splurge for no reason.

2. Having a messy kitchen

The kitchen should serve as the most important part of the home, since food is the common thing that brings people together. Therefore, there’s no need for clutter like dirty dishes and countertops, along with appliances crowding your space.

Always clean your kitchen, especially after meals. Also, make sure that your appliances don’t overcrowd each other.

3. Making your TV the focal point

We need TV, to either watch the news or simply watch Netflix and chill. However, your television shouldn’t the focal point of your room.

Instead, design the room first. Determine where you’ll put the TV, and then add the TV itself in the room later.


4. Not testing wall paints

Not testing your paint’s colour beforehand can be disastrous, because you wouldn’t want to spend money on a can of paint that’s colour will clash with the furniture or carpets.

Instead, buy a few small containers of your favourite paint choices, and try samples of them on a small space to see which colour and hue are right for you.

5. Not properly hanging art

Turning a room into your own personal art gallery sounds like fun. But make sure that you’re hanging art properly.

First, before you drive a nail into the wall, trace and cut out the frame’s outline on paper. Then tape the paper cut-outs onto your wall, so that you can experiment with different placements, and see which one works well. But, don’t ever scale on your wall.

6. Painting before buying fabrics and textiles

Before you pick up that paint brush, know this: It’s never good to paint before buying your fabrics and textiles first. Fabrics and textiles help you determine which colour paint to pick.

Start by looking through samples of fabrics, rugs, etc. to find what colours fascinate you, and then pick out a paint shade or shades from the chosen textiles.

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7. Using the wrong lampshade

Lamps can set the mood of the room. However, a large lampshade for a small lamp can make your décor look awkward.

Therefore, know the style and size of your room, and pick the right lampshade that best corresponds with those things.

8. No houseplants

Plants don’t have to be shunned to the outdoors. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to have a little green in the home. Try placing a potted plant on either your coffee table or on a shelf. Also, make sure that you care for the plants that you bring indoors, because they’ll eventually wilt over time.

9. Not decluttering wires

Let’s face it: no one wants to see wires hanging around, or want to trip on some wire lying on the floor. That’s why it’s best to hide your wires in safe spots where people won’t see or trip on them, and they won’t get frayed from get moved or stepped on repeatedly.

10. Not expressing yourself

Your home should express who you are, whether it’s through the vacation photos that are hanging on your wall, the trophies that you’ve won in sports tournaments, etc. Be authentic, not generic. Your home should be about you, not anyone else; and, it should tell an interesting story to anyone who visits.


By avoiding the above mistakes, you’ll whip a fascinating home décor that you and your visitors will enjoy.

Though, if you’re still unable to make the décor a success, don’t be afraid to seek a professional interior designer who knows all about décor, and may be able to realize your dream home.