Modern and Personalized Pocket Door for Every Household

If you love luxury apartments, then pocket doors are a must-have. These doors were popular features in dining rooms, living rooms, and libraries. Recently, they’ve made a comeback, and people are learning to embrace their beauty.

pocket bathroom door
Pocket doors come in different shapes, forms, and designs. The chic glass panelling, the rusting panes, and the beautiful carvings are all to die for. The addition of these doors brings vibrancy to any space.

What is a Pocket Door?

A pocket door is any door that slides open and ‘disappears’ when opened. Pocket doors differ from other sliding or barn doors as these remain visible when opened. Pocket doors are hung from the top and slide along a track mounted inside the wall.

You can use slab doors as pocket doors.

Advantages of Pocket Doors

Pocket doors come with several advantages. These include:

Pocket Friendly

If you are remodelling your home, pocket doors are a good investment. You can turn any door into a pocket door. Thus, you don’t have to spend lots of money to buy a new one. Also, it’s easy to tailor them to suit your style.

You can always save up to get yourself a pocket door. Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget, a home renovation loan could help.

Saves Space

Pocket doors take a little space, leaving you more space for other things. For example, you can hang pictures close to the pocket door and still see them when the door is open.

Enables Versatility

Pocket doors come in various designs to create different themes in your house. It easily blends with other surroundings, from traditional ornate to minimalist modern design.

Allows Flexibility

The doors allow you to join two rooms in one space. For instance, a reception room and dining room can be opened up to create one larger space when entertaining.

Unlike conventional doors, pocket doors enable free movement within both halves of a larger space. There are no limitations.

modern pocket door

Easy Installation

These doors are easy to install using simple tools. With property improvement and renovations, you need to be patient to do an awesome job. If installing it yourself, ensure the rough opening is plumb, square, and on the same lane. The rough opening houses the thin studs and the track of an open door.

Best Rooms for Pocket Doors

Pocket doors can fit in different spaces in a home. Below are some of these areas.

Bedroom Cupboard and Walk-in Closet

Pocket doors make a room look neater with a broader view. With one door in your bedroom, you’ll keep your clothes neatly.

The feeling of opening your walk-in closet to get your clothes or shoes is unmatched. The best thing is you could match the doors with the surroundings.

Master Ensuite

A pocket door provides privacy between the bathroom and the bedroom. You could opt for a single or a double door that slides towards each part of the room.

For extra privacy, don’t opt for the doors with glass. But still, if you want a glass look, then frosted glass should be your best choice. It’s still best to opt for solid doors since they are excellent in any contemporary space.


Most bathrooms are small. Old conventional doors make them cramped and busy. Fortunately, the pocket door changes the whole narrative by ensuring you utilize your space perfectly.

Kitchen Pantry

A pocket door for your pantry allows easy accessibility of items while keeping them tidy. A single-pocket door is the best in this space. Go for a subtle design that matches your kitchen decor. But that shouldn’t limit your creativity. Add bold colour and decorative patterns to the wall.

Home Office

Installing these doors in your office space gives you a different vibe. You become more creative and productive throughout the day. Depending on the work environment you want to embrace, go for a funky or conservatively professional style.

How to Style Pocket Doors

Loving pocket doors isn’t enough. You have to learn how to make them fit into your space. The following are some ways you can incorporate them into your space.

wooden pocket door

Stylish Wooden Pocket Doors

Wood adds a certain aesthetic appeal to any room. Using wood or a wooden finish for your pocket door will enhance the look of your space. Combine it with a feature glass window to ensure the door isn’t heavy. It’s also good for letting light into the room.

Match With the Decor

You can never go wrong with matching the pocket doors with your decor and walls surroundings. Matching the door with the walls can make it virtually invisible as it blends into the wall. The result is a crisp and beautiful look. Alternatively, use different designs and patterns to make it stand out from the rest of the room.

Add a Splash of Colour

Adding a splash of colour to the door renders it unique. It’s a wonderful way of making a room exquisite. Choose any colour of your choice.
Painting the doors black gives them a beautiful and luxurious finish. Painting them white gives a simple yet stunning look as it leaves the room with more brightness.

Final Thoughts

It might be challenging to get the look you desire in a home. Pocket doors exist to give that glamorous look without sacrificing your style or space. You can try different designs and install them in other parts of your home. Try the doors on your next home improvement or renovation project.