5 Elements of Modern Kitchen Designs You Can Choose From

Most of us take great pride in our homes. It is an exciting task to renovate our rooms, and one of the most interesting renovations we can do in our homes, is in our kitchens. Are you are looking for some modern, trendy and chic designs or ideas to renovate your kitchen?

Make your kitchen look moderen with these ideas:

Here are five elements of modern kitchen designs that can be applied to your own homes:

1) Minimising clutter and maximising utility

One of the main elements of modern kitchens refers to how neat and clean can the kitchen be kept. This means minimal clutter, while making optimal use of the space available. Create more space in your kitchens by investing on sliding drawers and doors with shelves. This way, you can not only keep your cabinets and drawers shut with a wonderful, contemporary designed door, but can also store lots of items such as utensils, plates, etc. on the shelves.

2) Keep it simply themed

Most modern kitchens stick to one single theme when it comes to colours. This makes the kitchen look cleaner as well as more spacious. Opt for whites, as it gives an illusion of a larger room, and compliment it without another colour of your choice, such as silver, black, or a texture, such as wood. This look is highly aesthetic, and can make your kitchen look much more chic and modern. The element of colour is extremely important while renovating your modern kitchen style.

3) Hidden secrets

A lot of modern kitchens strive to keep their look as minimalistic as possible. This is done by keeping the surfaces clean and most of the appliances hidden. This look is achieved by using sliding panels to store the fridge, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances. They are made to look like a part of the rest of the cabinets. However, you can simply open the door and slide out the appliance to use it as and when pleased. This simplistic idea can give an illusion of the kitchen looking much bigger, as you can have more room to walk around the kitchen easily.

4) Storage ideas

One of the main issues anyone faces with their kitchens is storage. While it is always easier to have a few spices and utensils at arm’s length while cooking, it can make the kitchen top look very messy. The main motto of the modern kitchen is to make it look as neat and clean as possible. Here, the element of secret storage spaces comes to mind. A wooden or steel countertop with sliding elements, where one can easily store quick spices and utensils can be a great idea. This not only saves space, but can also reduce the clutter on your countertops. Every important item is still just a sliding door away, hiding under your countertop.

5) Dramatic lighting

The finishing touch that can give your modern kitchen an edge is to have a set of dramatic lights. With the monotonous colouring in your kitchen which helps it to look more chic and spacious, add a blue light on top of the counter, to give it that special effect. You can also opt for different shapes, sizes and lengths of lights. The right lighting can make a world of difference to entire look of your kitchen.

These are some of the most popular elements which can be imbibed into your modern kitchens, making it look that much chicer. Transform the most used room of your house into a den, so that you’ll never want to leave the kitchen again!