Modernise Your Outdated Kitchen With These Makeover Tips

As a homeowner, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Apart from being the place where food is prepared, your kitchen can serve as a space for your family and guests to gather. It also reflects your lifestyle, so it is important to leave a good impression. Kitchen trends are always changing, and your once trendy laminate countertop from years ago might have become outdated.

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Thankfully, bringing your kitchen into the present day can be incredibly easy with the creative use of modern appliances, colours, and design trends. Below are some makeover tips you can use to transform your outdated kitchen into the modern cooking space of your dreams.

Paint the Walls and Existing Cabinetry

Nothing breathes new life into a space like a new coat of paint. Painting your kitchen walls in trendy colours such as nature-inspired greens, black, white, yellow and grey can significantly transform its outdated look into a modern one.

Your kitchen cabinets are also not left out. If you have cabinets that are aged but still functional, spray painting is an excellent and budget-friendly way to give them a new and modernised look. Some colour options you can consider include; black, cream, white, green, coral and navy blue.

An added benefit of painting your kitchen walls and cabinetry is that there are several paint colours available, so you can choose colours that will complement and blend well with adjacent rooms.

Bear in mind that cabinet spray painting is a complicated task that requires the right tools and expertise to achieve the best outcome, so it is always advised that you hire a professional spray painting company like PBM Paints to handle all spray painting projects.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrade the Metals

Thanks to technology and manufacturers constantly releasing innovative new materials, most of the metals used for kitchen hardware (drawer pulls, handles, lighting fixtures) decades ago have become outdated. Changing out these outdated metals can be a way to significantly upgrade your kitchen to give it a more modern look. Some of the modern metals you can try include; brushed gold, copper, and matte aluminium.

Update the Countertops

Your countertops occupy a large portion of your kitchen so it is important that they stand out. From natural stone countertops like granite, marble, soapstone, quartzite, slate and limestone to wood, brick and tile, there is a countertop for everyone’s budget and style.

If you’re looking for long-lasting kitchen countertops, choose quartz for a modern and low-maintenance surface. KFL finds that “Quartz is growing in popularity thanks to its non-porous anti-bacterial nature,” as well as its ultra-durable and safe quality.
If budget is more of a concern, then Laminate countertops would be your best option. Laminate surfaces are low-maintenance and easy to clean, while wood requires more regular and careful maintenance, especially in wet areas.

Consider Replacing Kitchen Appliances

In many cases, older kitchen appliances also mean outdated kitchen appliances. By replacing your older kitchen appliances with newer ones, you get to modernise your kitchen while also avoiding the headache of those appliances breaking down due to old age. Many modern appliances are also energy-efficient, so you can save on energy bills and help the planet at the same time- which is a win-win.

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Swap out Your Flooring

Another important part of your kitchen is the flooring, as it plays a crucial role in bringing your kitchen’s entire look together. Switching out your old kitchen floors to newer materials like stone, slate, tile, or even wood will not only modernise its look, it will ensure that the floors last longer.

Install new Lighting Options

Good lighting always helps to improve the character and atmosphere of any room, including the kitchen. If your kitchen already has an overhead lighting fixture, consider adding some recessed lighting to achieve a modern illumination source. For more versatility, you can also invest in pendant lighting for your kitchen island, under-cabinet lighting (to illuminate countertops), and a chandelier.


The kitchen is an important aspect of the home that brings people together, so it is always important to leave a good impression. Hopefully, the above tips can give your outdated kitchen the makeover it deserves.