Why more Homeowners than ever before are choosing Wood Effect Flooring

When watching property programmes on TV these days it’s certainly noticeable that an increasing amount of homeowners are opting for wood flooring in their home – you may even have it in yours! Whether it features throughout living and dining rooms, conservatories, bathrooms and kitchens or even bedrooms the timeless natural beauty of wood can be seen almost everywhere! If you’re anything like me, then you may find yourself asking the same question time and time again; is that genuine wood or wood effect flooring?

For a number of reasons more and more people are actually choosing the latter and below we take a look at the reasons why:


Advancements in technology have resulted in manufacturers creating higher quality varieties of wood effect flooring than ever before. Tiles such as Natural Oak Porcelain have a look and feel which resembles wood to such an extent that you could easily mistake them for the real thing when they are laid on a floor. Porcelain is also extremely strong and durable which is why it is not only selected for home interiors but also busy public spaces including shopping centres and airports.

Time and Money

In the majority of cases a natural wood floor will cost more to purchase, install and maintain in comparison to wood effect alternatives. Genuine wood flooring also requires a certain amount of your precious time in order to keep it in pristine condition which includes specialist treatments, sanding and varnishing. Engineered products like Shabby Chic Wood Effect Porcelain only requires standard cleaning and maintenance procedures. Wood Porcelain is also far less affected by moisture and fluctuations in temperature compared to natural wood.

Style and Choice

With such an extensive range of wood effect flooring products on the market you are sure to discover a variety which best suits your home layout. A style which has really been brought to the attention of homeowners and interior designers in recent years is Reclaimed Wood Effect Flooring. A Reclaimed Wood style is perfect for introducing a rustic appeal which matches well with modern leather furniture and stone features. You also have plenty of choice when it comes to the size of the wood tiles in question from small 280x70mm formats to much larger 1140x200mm varieties.

Where to Buy Wood Effect Flooring

Tiles Porcelain Ltd is home to a premium collection of Wood Effect Flooring.

The competitive pricing strategy and close relationship the company has with its suppliers are both key reasons why these products have proven such a big hit for residential and commercial projects says Marketing Executive, Andrew Dodds: “We work closely with our suppliers to provide our customers with the latest trends when it comes to Wood Effect Flooring which means we are always looking to extend our range.”

“The affordability of these products is also a big factor with regards to our success with this range especially when a large quantity of tiles is required for a specific project.”