Move Out Cleaning: Getting Your Deposit Back

Rents can be steep and they can take a real toll on your financial situation at the end of the month. However, it’s a worthy hassle for many people for several reasons. For one, you have your freedom, you live independently from your family and lead your life the way you want.

Additionally, not owning the property means that you can always move out, either because your financial situation is dire or simply because you found a better apartment online. However, before we move out, each of us is faced with a solid move out cleaning in order to increase the chances of getting our deposit back.

Sweep the drains

There are several hotspots in every household that are a true microbial hazard. The kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub drain and toilet are the dirtiest parts of the house and genuine germ farms. Cleaning them up before you move out should be the first thing on your cleaning list. If you do this thoroughly, you’ll get rid of that persistent smell too.

There are several ways you can approach this problem. For one, you can buy regular cleaners at your local mart. If you do, go with something that has a refreshing, natural smell. On the other hand, you can make your own cleaning solution. There are several variants to this, but in general, you can just mix up four spoons of baking soda with one lemon worth of juice and stir it in hot water. You can also add white vinegar, two teaspoons at most. This is just as potent a cleaner as the one synthesized in a factory.

Change the light bulbs

Think of your own experience. There is nothing worse when you finally move into a new place than a light bulb blowing. Your first day isn’t over yet and you already have to go out and purchase light bulbs for the apartment you’ve just paid for an hour ago. Even though it’s technically not a big thing, it’s bound to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.

Therefore, buy extra light bulbs before you move out and update all the light fixtures in the household, even if they still work. This way, you’ll be sure the light won’t go out while the landlord is showing the apartment to potential tenants, which bodes well for the deposit return.

Scrub everything

A thin coat of dust tends to cover everything after only a few days. If you are moving out, leave the scrubbing of every surface for the very end. First, vacuum every inch of the household, including the furniture if it’s not leather.

Then proceed to fill a bucket with water and use a piece of highly absorbent cloth to clean all the smooth surfaces – dining table, work desk, book shelves, cupboards and kitchen counters. There is no particular angle or trick to this activity, it just takes a lot of time to finish, so be prepared for a long haul.

A helping hand

You can easily end up in a situation in which you are pressed for time. The reasons for this can be numerous, from a fickle landlord who has already found a new tenant to not being able to afford extra days off work. In this case, you can seek that extra helping hand. For instance certain companies that provide cleaning services in Sydney offer a special “move in/out” cleaning package, which only goes to show that this is not something you should fret about.

No matter how much time has passed since you’ve moved in and left the deposit in the hands of your landowner, you should never write that money off. Extra finances can always come in handy when you are changing locations. Moreover, if you do a thorough cleaning of the apartment, the old deposit can end up serving the same purpose once again.