Moving In Checklist: Essential Things To Do When You Move Home

Searching for a new property on the rental market?

Moving home is often stressful, so it helps if every prospective tenant has a checklist to keep themselves organised.

But there is a lot to remember when moving home and some essential tasks might not be ticked off. In this article, we outline the following four things to do before making the move:

  1. Hand in your notice to your landlord
  2. Protect your property with tenant insurance
  3. Take the final meter reading in your current home
  4. Get quotes from reliable removal companies

It’s important to leave no stone unturned and remain organised when moving home. Read on and make sure you don’t leave these essential tasks off your moving checklist.

packing boxes

Protect your property with tenant insurance

It’s always a good idea to protect your new home and its contents against theft, loss or damage. But when looking to insure your property as a tenant there are a few areas to consider. Here are the three Cs of tenant insurance outlined in this guide from Duuo:

  • Coverages: think about what you need and what you have to protect
  • Cost: you have flexibility on price depending on factors like credit history
  • Claims: consider how the claims process is handled and what the company require

Tenant insurance covers for accidental damage and loss that occurs in your new rented home, so choosing the right cover and company to work with depends on your needs.

You can get cover before or during the move, but as you can purchase (and schedule) insurance up to 30 days in advance on your tenancy, it’s best to get this box ticked off early.

Why Landlords Need to Care about Consistent Communication

Hand in your notice to your landlord

If you’re renting, it’s best to inform the current landlord of your intentions to move. While there is no legal obligation to give your landlord notice before moving to a new home, giving them a prior warning helps avoid potential road bumps during the process.

For example, giving notice might result in your landlord returning your security deposit quicker or providing a positive reference. This helps speed up the process and gives your landlord more time to find new tenants.

Although it’s likely your moving date coincides with the end of your tenancy, it’s important to confirm the date of your big move and let your current landlord know your plans.

electricity meter

Take the final meter reading in your current home

Take guidance from Citizens Advice and record your water, gas and electricity meter readings at your old property before moving into your new home — and remember to take a photo as proof.

Meter readings make up your utility bills so it’s important to make a final recording before moving home. Why? Because if you don’t contact suppliers prior to moving you could be charged for someone else’s usage.

Provided you fill in a change of address form, you likely have the option to stay with your current utility companies. With a final meter reading (and photographic evidence) you have timestamped evidence stating when you moved home, meaning you won’t be left with an unusually large bill after moving on.


Get quotes from reliable removal companies

Need support while moving home? Though you can likely fit some things in the car, many households require assistance from removal companies on the big day.

Make gathering quotes from reliable removal companies a top priority on your checklist, otherwise, you could be left in a logistical nightmare when it comes to moving your belongings to a new property.

You can find local (and verified) removal companies on comparison sites like Compare My Move. Alternatively, you could hire a van for the day if the budget doesn’t stretch far enough.

So long as you have a plan of action in place well ahead of moving day, your transition between homes should be a smooth one.

Moving home is an arduous process with a very long checklist, but some tasks are too essential to forget (especially for renters). From protecting yourself with tenant insurance to organising the logistics of moving day, don’t leave these stones unturned and remember to plan ahead of time.