Why buying a new build home can be the best investment

new buildWhen you’re purchasing a property there are lots of things to take into consideration. Location is an obvious factor, while another major decision is the actual type of property itself.

Whether it’s a flat, a bungalow or a house you will still have to make the choice between buying an existing property or a newly constructed one.

The wide range of new-build homes in Surrey that are on the market means buyers in the market for a property can benefit from the advantages a new construction can have over an older property.

1. New homes are an appreciating asset

Unlike buying a new car that instantly loses value as soon as it’s driven off a forecourt, a newly built home in the right area will more than likely rise in value over the coming years. This will result in you being less likely to fall into the negative equity trap.

2. Escape ongoing repair costs

Investing in a new-build property means that you can be confident you won’t have to instantly incur the costs of household repairs that owners of older properties have to budget for. Saving money on a new roof, window, guttering or central heating means that you can invest your money elsewhere.

3. Eco-friendly homes cut fuel bills

A newly-built property is very likely to come with the benefits of up-to-date insulation and energy saving systems as standard. These features will not only enhance your standard of living and help the environment but will also help to reduce your utility bills on an ongoing basis.

4. New homes offer buyers a blank canvas

Period properties can be full of character with each generation having its own design features, layouts and construction methods. Viewing older homes can make envisaging how your life would be there much easier as it is already a functioning home. But on the other hand, a new-build home offers you the opportunity to start life in a new home with a blank canvas.

5. New homes can be kitted out to your specification

By talking to the developer and builder it is nearly always possible to have an input on the choice of not only the fixtures and fittings but also the colour scheme, finishing touches and even the major appliances. With the freedom to choose everything from new right from the start your new home will be exactly that, yours.