New Trends in Commercial Fit Out

Like in every other industry, commercial fit-outs follow trends that alter every year.

Standards change in order to meet ecological and productivity requirements. In the modern world, we have more insights than ever before, and we now know that space impacts the way we feel and perform profoundly.

Ultimately, there’s no point in following every trend. The goal is to learn to distinguish between trends that can help you get the most out of your space. In this article, we’ll explain the top three trends in a commercial fit out that merit your attention.


flexible office space

Our world is faster than it’s ever been. Our needs are changing, and we frequently need to adapt our working space to meet those changes. What’s the point in investing in high-end furniture that you can’t change? That’s such a twentieth-century idea of working space. What we’re saying is that more and more companies opt for smart and flexible interiors.

It’s essential to be flexible when planning a commercial fit out. London is a busy city where every workspace is subject to change. What we need are multi-functional spaces that can easily change their purpose if and when needed.

Furniture should be lightweight and movable, so you can make changes whenever it suits you. Choose ergonomic furniture that supports a healthy posture. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Do you really need those big tables or would a smaller space perfectly accommodate your computers as well?

Another trend includes movable walls, so you can even change the shape of the rooms if required. A standard number of employees is a relative term that is also subject to change. If you’re planning to expand your company, you should opt for scalable spaces. Leave plenty of room so you can fit additional equipment for your new colleagues without a struggle.


office space

If you’re an eco-conscious individual, you’ll know the importance of sustainability when designing space, especially large business buildings. On the other hand, even if you aren’t into the environment, there are various benefits you can get from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Multiple studies have shown that working in green buildings lowers stress levels. As a result, employees are more productive.

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Natural materials are the latest trend in interior design, and they’re here to stay. You can choose from various kinds of wood, stone, or other eco-friendly materials. It’s an excellent investment that will benefit the well-being of your employees.

This is even more important in big cities like London, where people don’t have a chance to be in touch with nature. If someone asked them what they expected from a commercial fit-out, London residents would likely respond that they’d had enough of ultra-modern buildings and need a space where they can relax.

Increasingly, there’s a tendency to create spaces with special areas dedicated to health and fitness, which helps employees achieve work-life balance. If possible, try to include some extra space exclusively devoted to relaxation and recreation.


open plan office

Outdated premises no longer fit the needs of a new generation of workers. If you’re in doubt whether it’s worth investing in innovative solutions, the answer is always positive. The internet of things and virtual reality is already here, but they’ll become an even more important part of our lives in the future. That’s why it’s essential to create a space that can adjust to new technologies.

This especially applies to tech companies and start-ups because customers expect you to always stay up-to-date. How could they accept one of your innovative solutions if you don’t seem brave when it comes to innovations and modernisation? The goal is to be open and ready to experiment with different solutions.

You Get to Choose

Those are the three main trends in commercial fit-outs. No one expects you to implement all of them, especially if you’re working in a more traditional industry. It’s all about baby steps. However, it can be a good idea to keep them in mind when you’re talking with your building contractor.

Select a company that can inform you of various new trends and suggests more options you can choose from. Don’t forget to include employees or people who’ll be using that space during the process. You may get important insights that never occurred to you before.