Office hygiene: bacterial playground

Keeping our house neat and clean is a crucial thing, but the same should be with your workplace environment. Maintaining your workplace clean means a healthy and sanitised environment not only for you as an individual but for all the employees. Companies, buildings and places with mass gatherings and a lot of people are ideal and more prone to bacterias. So, let’s try to avoid germ build up and dirty spaces in your office with these helpful tips to keep your working ambient tidy and bacteria-free.

Declutter your workplace

Probably you have layers of unnecessary papers, pens, receipts and notes laying all around your desk. You might not have noticed this, put pilled paper and other unused materials “attracts” dust, and it is ideal terrain for the bacterias to spread. You need to declutter your desk asap. Make a thorough division, and keep the papers that you need for the work, keep the workable pens, and throw out all other unnecessary things. Separate the receipts and documents, and get a few files that you would place important documents, label and place them in the drawer or on the shelf.

Office hygiene: bacterial playground

Swipe and dust

Once you have organized your working space, then you need to dust it completely. You can use a damp paper towel to wipe off the dust, but that might not be enough to fight off the tedious bacterias. Take an anti-bacterial or disinfectant spray to spray and wet-wipe all surfaces the employees are touching. Later, use the duster to dust the unreachable parts such as the back of the bookshelves, behind the desk and computers, in between keyboard keys, vents, and fans. Only use a dry soft rag slightly dip into the disinfectant spray to wipe off the electronics.

Large scale cleaning

If you work in a larger commercial institution, shopping center, mall, arcade, or retail, killing all the germs by yourself is not an easy task. In Australia, and especially in Sydney it is perfectly normal and practical to hire someone who would thoroughly and neatly clean large industrial areas. Since office, retail and commercial cleanliness and hygiene reflect directly on your company’s image, you had better hire people who would sanitize all contaminants and clean unreachable areas. You might want to find affordable commercial cleaning in Sydney with the highest quality service in order to ensure that every single corner of the workplace would be thoroughly sanitised and look presentable for the customers.

Office hygiene: bacterial playground




Thorough office sanitation

Since germs and bacterias tend to spread fast in any environment, you should have hand sanitizer always by your side, and do thorough sanitation. That means deep cleaning the entire office. Washroom and toilets must be detailedly cleaned on a regular daily basis, trash can must be emptied after working hours (and sanitized as well), and windows and floors have to be swiped and mopped. Seeing smudges and fingertips on windows, walls, and desks is quite unappealing, so make sure that your office area is presentable at all times.

Carpet and tile cleaning

Believe it or not, only vacuuming the floors may not kill off the nasty bacterias. Firstly, a small item that falls on the fall must be cleaned and thrown away such as paper clips, staples, and papers. Secondly, the deep cleaning of the carpet must be done which demands a professional machine. The cleaning specialists will use non-toxic cleaning products to deep clean carpets and tiles. Usually, tile and grout cleaning is done after hours so that they don’t impede office work. When the floors, carpets, and tiles are cleaned with high pressure or with a steamer, that will surely stop bacterias and germs from spreading. In that way, you would reduce health risks for every employee.

Office hygiene: bacterial playground



Clean outdoor areas

As guests and customers come to visit your company, you need to clean the entries, car parks, and hallways. If a lot of people circulate and come and go, then the entry might be very dirty and prone to bacterias. The worst case scenario is when the weather conditions are bad, and where there is mud after rain or snow. Entries and car parks must be cleaned daily, and you may place a welcome mat at the entrance. When you supply mats in front of your office, people will wipe their shoes and boots hereof coming in, and in that way keep the floors clean and free of mud.

When you ensure that your office is clean and your workplace adheres basic standards of hygiene you will stop the spread of disease-carrying bacterias and provide a healthy working atmosphere.