5 Ways Office Spaces Are Permanently Changing 

To say that COVID-19 has changed how offices are perceived today would be an understatement. The pandemic not only impacted business operations all over the world, but it gave a new definition to what it means to be working in an office.

As lockdowns begin to ease globally and vaccinations reach more people, businesses will look forward to inviting their workforce back into the office.

However, it will certainly not be the same as before. Here are five ways the office as we know it is changing for the better.

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1. A healthier office

To entice people back into the office, businesses need a space that offers a sense of safety for employees. This starts with revamping cleanliness and sanitation standards. Companies will need to invest in technologies that offer real-time temperature checks, air purification, and frequent health checks. Contactless interfaces backed by voice recognition software will drive a seamless process.

2. Breakout rooms

Employees have been getting used to breakout room features of various video conferencing platforms. Breakout rooms create pods for employees to discuss and brainstorm ideas before sharing them in the meeting.

It’s expected that people will continue to appreciate arrangements that offer them to inhabit a personal space, either to discuss work with colleagues or take a break from work. Pods that are designed thoughtfully give employees privacy and come equipped with features like glass barriers.


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3. Flexible, ergonomic furniture

Health has been a priority for everyone in the past 18 months. People have become more conscious of their work habits and the impact of long hours on their health. As a result, we’re starting to see an evolution of furniture at work.

Modern offices should have flexible and modular furniture that can be moved for impromptu discussions at the favourite corner. Ergonomics are also high up the priority list as employees will prefer the touch of home with the furniture that feels comfortable and helps them change postures easily.

Companies like Solutions 4 Office Ltd offer furniture and designs that empower the modern workforce in a post-pandemic world.

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4. Green and sustainable office floor

Biophilia is the trend of connecting workplaces with nature. It is going to grow in popularity this year as more companies look to incorporate greenery into their workplaces. By introducing green walls, potted plants, and eco-friendly materials companies will not only add a sense of calm but also provide an occasional spark of inspiration.

5.  Minimal and mindful workspace

The truth about the workplace in 2021 is that the office will be both home and the company premises. Employees would prefer a harmony between two offices and would prefer an underlying tone of minimalism and mindfulness.

A space that speaks your personality is conducive to growth and productivity. Companies will look to invest more resources in making the work from home days as streamlined and comfortable as possible.

The changes that are coming to the office space were once deemed as luxury. However, times have changed drastically and companies that keep themselves open to the evolving dynamics of the office space will see an increase in the number of satisfied employees.