Old build v new build properties

Deciding whether to go for an old build or new build property can be a tricky thing when moving house. Some people have clear preferences; however for many of us it’s not so obvious which type of property holds the most benefit for living in. Both older and newer properties have inherent advantages and disadvantages, which when considered usually sway our vote one-way or the other.

Old build

Older properties have a certain charm about them, especially due to the history associated with each one. Unlike newer properties, which tend to be built to fit a certain standardised model, older properties have a lot more character and uniqueness about them; a trait many house hunters find essential in their search.

Old properties

Additionally, older properties are often more spacious than newer ones, as there was a lot more available space to build on at the time of being built. Nowadays houses are built closer together to pack in as many buildings into a limited space as possible. As such older properties tend to have larger rooms and more storage space than the newer ones on the market.

The potential for expansion or conversion is also great because of the abundance of space provided by a lot of older houses. In the same way a lot of older properties have large, spacious gardens, which are not rare among new houses. What’s more old houses tend to have plenty of driveway space to accommodate a car, whereas a lot of new houses struggle even to provide car parking space on the street beside the property.

Despite the wear and tear issues that can be found in older properties, there usually aren’t any snagging issues arising from the poor building work, since in the majority of cases these have already been fixed.

Another great benefit to older properties is their value, which increases at a greater rate to that of brand new houses. You may find that eventually selling on an older house is an easier process than that of newer properties, due to factors such as its unique features or available garden space.

New build

Despite the snagging issues that can be evident after being built, new properties will have a brand new structure, as well as facilities, which should show no signs of wear and tear. Additionally the fact that the properties have recently been built will mean there is an absence of issues such as damp and rot, which are common in older properties.
Having brand new features to a property can create a modern and stylish look, and in addition to the facilities and build of the place being practical and functional, they can also be more attractive than those of older houses.

New build properties

Although newer properties tend to lack the space that many older houses have, this acts as an advantage in terms of energy efficiency. New houses are typically well insulated and fitted with features such as double-glazing, which help reduce the heat lost from the property and keep energy costs down. The brand new heating system installed with the building of the house will also aid in this efficiency.

Another great feature of newly built properties is the ‘blank canvas’ feel that comes with them. The first owners of a new house will have a property that has been completely untouched, and can therefore make it completely their own; from the décor to the facilities in place. Plus there’s no possibility of having to live with shoddy development by previous owners of the property.

Of course moving into a brand new property has its benefits on the moving chain, in that there is none. The chain can be one of the most stressful aspects of moving house, so moving into a new property can ease this as there are no previous owners you have to wait for to move out first.

Clearly there are benefits and limitations of choosing old or new properties when moving house, in a financial, practical and aesthetics sense. When it comes to house hunting it really depends on your personal preference, and what you want to get out of your new property. Naturally there are many other aspects such as location, which may prove to be the deciding factor in the end.

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