Popular ways of decorating your space using antique mirrors

Elegance, Class, Finesse, Depth, and Sophistication. You’ve heard these words before, right?

These are qualities every homeowner wants to inculcate in his or her house. However, we all are a little lost when it actually comes down to placing that pencil atop your ear and getting to work. Fortunately, this guide tackles just that. We’ll discuss ways in which you can remarkably boost your outlook without doing much.

Antique mirrors are by far, the most minimalist option, which is guaranteed to spruce up your area. This is due to the reason that you don’t need much to showcase your mirror. They have a tale to tell themselves, and can speak volumes when simply aided by a frame. Attach a light on each side and make it the focal point of the room, capturing your attention as soon as you walk in. However, to get the most out of your mirror, take a look at these snazzy ideas and give your setup the hint of panache it needs.

Luxurious setup: Big mirror

big mirror


If your living room already boasts a luxurious theme, adding a vintage mirror with an elaborate frame will work wonders for you. These mirrors carry a sense of class and marry well with similar themes. The key point here is two for the price of one. Not only will the addition of a big mirror add to the luxurious parlance of the room but it will also mirror your setup doubling the aesthetic the room normally gives off. Hang a chandelier and your room instantly gets two chandeliers. Get it?

Antiques work best together

Antiques mirrors

These ancient masterpieces can easily get comfortable when surrounded by other antiques. They usually blend so well that you have a bit of leeway to work with here. Keep rearranging until you get a combination you like. Perfect for complementing the furniture set passed down from your grandparents that you don’t want to rid yourself of. Or, if you want to showcase your silverware or travel souvenirs you’ve amassed over the years; placing a cupboard on either side of a frameless antique mirror fits best. Remember to keep the mirror frameless in this scenario as the attention allocated to that space needs to be diverted to the other antiques on display. A frame would unnecessarily captivate much of that recognition.

Whenever in doubt. Mirror gallery!

mirror gallery

No other furniture or structural advantage to work with? More often than not, we are left with nothing but a big empty wall with no idea on how to decorate it. Whenever this occurs, do not hesitate to stock up on antique mirrors! See these beauties don’t just blend well with other antiques, but they can also appreciably coalesce within themselves to create a strikingly marvelous work of art out of a plain wall. One key thing to remember here is to use mirrors of varying shapes, sizes and frames. Place a warm light inside a decorative holder at regular intervals across your wall or shine some natural light through a window. This setup is quite versatile and can also unify with staircases or entrances.

Ornate mirrors are universal

Ornate mirrors

If you’re a little confused as to which type of mirror would work best, go for a simple ornate one with a beautifully carved wooden frame. They are surprisingly diverse and can work with both pre-modern and contemporary setups. Furthermore, they can be placed in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms where their wooden lining bounces off charmingly against the white surface.

While considering these ideas, there are a few pointers you should definitely keep in mind. Antique mirrors are excellent for representing a seasoned, classy and historically appealing look; but they do have their drawbacks.

Why you should use antique mirrors?

antique mirror

Let’s keep it simple. These mirrors are extremely low maintenance as marginal spots only enhance its aesthetic appeal. Spare yourself the daily struggle and clean only when absolutely necessary. If the adjectives at the start really resonated with you and you like having that touch of sophistication and history, by all means go for these. Living the minimalist lifestyle? These mirrors don’t need much to stand out. Just proper illumination.

Why you shouldn’t use it?


Aesthetics aside, these mirrors aren’t the best at reflecting a clear image. So, if you need a mirror for practical uses (styling your hair, examining your dress, etc.) Then you’re better off with a regular mirror which can show you how beautiful you are without obscuring the image.

Types of frames

Finally, half of the story these mirrors tell lies in the frame accompanying them. There are a large number of styles you can choose from, but to ease your searching efforts, they can be grouped into the following categories:

mirror frames

● Gothic
● Baroque
● Georgian
● Rococo
● Regency
● French
● Neo-classical

Explaining each of these frames is a topic for another time but this should help you get started on decking out your place with the hallmark of the classical era.