The Premier Cleaning Company In London

EOT Cleaning Services is now offering you a chance to try our professional and highly effective end of tenancy cleaning. We are the premier cleaning company for anyone looking to hire a reputable cleaning company around the city. This time round, our Easter offers include handsome discounts and free carpet cleaning for repeat clients. We understand just how hectic and busy life in London can become, leaving you with little time to effectively clean a premise you’re vacating or moving into. This is precisely why we are here, to take care of all your cleaning needs as you attend to other important things.

Who can hire our services?

  • Tenants looking for end of tenancy cleaning in and around London
  • Landlords looking for a cleaning company to regularly clean communal and other areas.
  • Real estate managers and owners who have multiple units in need of professional cleaning
  • Building and construction managers looking to clear builders waste.
  • Offices and other commercial properties looking for cleaning services
  • Airbnb hosts looking to spruce up their rooms
  • Basically, anyone in need of any professional cleaning services

The standards for end of tenancy cleaning continue to rise here in London and landlords are now insisting on having a reputable company to get the job done. Why is this? This is because you, as the tenant, are expected to ensure that you leave a premise as clean, if not cleaner, than you found it. Thus, it makes sense to hire a reputable cleaning company that will go to great lengths in cleaning up everything. EOT Cleaning prides itself in being among the trend setters when it comes to professional cleaning across London. Our flexibility and the well- rounded nature of our services means that we can show up at your doorstep as soon as you need us. As previously mentioned, we clean homes, offices, Airbnb rooms, commercial premises, and many other places that require professional cleaning. Our skilled and passionate cleaning crew will make the entire task seem effortless. Passion counts for a lot and this makes all the difference. One of the things that makes EOT Cleaning the best end of tenancy cleaning company in London is that we are result oriented; we strive to satisfy our clients. If you are a real estate manager looking to clean multiple premises on short notice, then EOT cleaning is the solution for you.

Professional cleaning is more than just the presence of a crew with some buckets and mops. The end-result should be pleasant, and the client should get value for their money. More importantly, the place must be left sparkling clean to welcome the next tenant. So how does EOT do things differently when it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning exercise?

Checklist; top on the list is what’s known as a checklist. This lists down all the areas within your premises that need to be cleaned, such as which rooms you should start with, which areas require special attention, and so on. Without a checklist, it’s easy to forget some areas and grant them the special attention needed. Besides, most landlords in London will want a checklist that they can tick at the end of the exercise, to ensure that the required standards are met.

Prompt services; London is a hectic place to live and work in. In most cases, you’ll find that your apartment or office is in dire need of professional cleaning, but you hardly have the time to sit around as this gets done. You’re more likely inclined to concentrate on important things like booking the new premises you’re moving into and arranging for transport. Before you realize it, you will have just a few days to vacate the premises while the house is still messy and untidy! EOT Cleaning steps in at such times to save the day! We offer same day services without compromising on quality. Give us a call on 020 33 711 200 for same day end of tenancy cleaning services in London and immediate areas. You could also drop us an email and we will respond promptly.

All services under one roof; EOT Cleaning is also unique in that we offer multiple services, all under one roof. This means that, though we are famous for our end of tenancy cleaning, we also offer other services such as regular domestic cleaning, office cleaning, Airbnb room cleaning, Spring cleaning, Carpet and Upholstery cleaning, to mention a few. This makes us your reliable and trustworthy partner for all your cleaning needs in London!

Professionalism; can you imagine hiring a company to offer end of tenancy cleaning services, only to end up with a friendly and reliable partner who’ll walk with you every step of the way? From the moment you contact us, to the moment we dispatch our crew to come inspect and clean up your premises, to the time they depart and cleanup; we’re always courteous and professional. We’ll respect the tranquility of your home or office, and our cleaning crew will work quickly and efficiently, ensuring the safety of all valuables in your home.

Eco friendly services; EOT Cleaning uses eco friendly cleaning agents in all its work. This is important to note, considering that the world is rapidly shifting towards a green and eco friendly future. When cleaning special areas in the kitchen like the oven grill, our cleaners will use baking soda to effectively clean all grime and fat. Baking soda is odorless and doesn’t leave behind any fumes and odors inside the oven or fridge.

After service availability; Our courtesy is extended to you even after we’ve completed the task at hand. In case you have any complaints, you’re free to inform us within 48 hours and our cleaning crew will revisit your premises. If you have any requests, suggestions or feedback; EOT Cleaning representatives are readily available and within reach.


EOT Cleaning promises to offer you nothing but the best end of tenancy cleaning service in London. Our services are highly effective and affordable. You can never go wrong with us; trust us to handle all your cleaning needs today!