The Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing for a Big House Move

Moving house is always stressful. However, the bigger the move, the greater the stress levels become. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. As this article reveals, all it takes is some diligent preparation, and the anxiety levels of a big house move become easily manageable.

Whether you are moving nationally or internationally, the following moving home checklist is essential reading.

Couple moving house

Preparing for Moving Home

We have segregated the steps required into different sections to help you achieve a “stress-free” move. In this section, we cover the groundwork that can be done well in advance. Of course, the earlier you begin, the easier the whole move becomes and the fewer the stress headaches!

1.     Create a Timeline

It all begins with a plan. You get off on the right foot by creating a plan with a timeline.

Start by determining your move-in date and work backwards, identifying key milestones such as when to start packing, notify service providers, and arrange transportation. It’s a good idea to create a detailed calendar or checklist to keep track of deadlines and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. A well-planned timeline will help you stay on schedule and alleviate last-minute stress.

2.     Declutter and Organise

One of the problems with big house moves is the oftentimes overwhelming amount of clutter that is involved. Decluttering is not just a good idea, it’s also one of the great stress-busters. You can almost feel the stress easing as you work!

The easiest way to approach this is to streamline your belongings by decluttering each room methodically.

Start by sorting items into categories:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Discard

Be ruthless in your decisions to reduce the number of items you’ll need to pack and transport. Organise the items you plan to keep, grouping similar items for easier packing and unpacking. This process will lighten your load and ensure a more efficient and organised move.

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3.     Gather Packing Supplies

This is more important than many people think, but it is an essential step and one that should be done as early as possible. Quality is the watchword here! Don’t skimp on the quality of things like packing boxes, bubble wrap, and markers for labelling.

One thing to consider is the size of the boxes you intend to use. While the temptation is to go as large as you can, this isn’t always the best option. Larger boxes are heavier and more difficult to stack. Opt for medium-sized boxes wherever possible.

Tip: Try to use the same size of box wherever possible, this makes stacking a lot easier.

4.    Pack Room by Room

A methodical approach to packing allows you to get organised a lot earlier in the process and helps to keep you on top of things.

Start with rooms that are used less frequently, such as guest bedrooms or storage areas. Pack items from each room into labelled boxes, grouping similar items for easier unpacking. Label each box with the room the contents came from and the room it is intended for in your new home.

Packing room by room will help maintain organisation and make the unpacking process more manageable.

packing boxes

5.     Notify Service Providers and Update Your Address

Again, the earlier you begin this process, the less stressful it is. Dealing with utility companies and service providers can be an object lesson in frustration. Allow plenty of time to make sure everyone is singing from the same song sheet when the time comes.

Arrange for the transfer or disconnection of services at your current address and activation at your new home. Additionally, update your address with banks, insurance companies, subscription services, and other relevant bodies.

6.     Organise a Removal Company

It is never too early to do this. Begin by doing plenty of research, for instance, if you are moving internationally look for companies with a proven track record in overseas removals.

Also, look for companies that will provide free quotes, are fully insured, and have good reviews on online sites and social media. It is impossible to overemphasise the importance of this step, a good house removal company can be a huge support at every stage of the process.

Final Preparations for Moving Home

Okay, the big day is approaching, and your plan has gone smoothly. But now, in the week before your move, the pace ramps up. Here’s what to do to keep the stress levels in check:

1.     Pack an Essentials Box

An essentials box is, well, essential when moving home. It should include everything you’ll need upon arrival at your new home.

Things to pack in your essentials box include:

  • Toiletries and medications
  • Basic kitchen utensils (don’t forget the kettle and the tea or coffee!)
  • A change of clothes
  • Bedding
  • Phone chargers

These readily available essentials will help you settle into your new home comfortably without having to unpack everything immediately.

2.     Verify the Dates With Your Removal Company

Before moving day arrives, it’s essential to confirm all details with your chosen removal company.

Verify the scheduled dates for packing, loading, transportation, and unloading to ensure that there have been no misunderstandings about dates, etc.

This step is always worth double and even triple-checking to avoid any last-minute surprises or delays. Clear communication and confirmation of dates will ensure that everything proceeds according to plan on moving day.

3.   Finalise Packing and Cleaning

In the lead-up to your move, complete the packing of the remaining items in your home. Also, double-check each room to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Additionally, take the time to thoroughly clean your home, including floors, surfaces, and appliances. Leaving your old home clean and tidy will make the moving process smoother and leave a positive impression on the next occupants.

4.     Moving Day

It’s moving day here, and the nerves are jangling. This is to be expected, but hopefully, by following our guide, the stress levels will be manageable. There is still a lot to do, though, and again, being organised is the key.

Here’s what you need to consider and plan for on the day of the big move:

  • Stay Organised: Keep your timeline and plan handy, and remember to stay communicative with all relevant stakeholders, including the removal company and any friends and family who may be lending a hand.
  • Remember Your Essentials Box: Pack this last at your old home so that it’s easy to find when you arrive at your new home.
  • Secure Your Old Home: Conduct a last (and likely sentimental) walkthrough of your old home. Check that all the cupboards and storage spaces are empty and nothing is left behind. Finally, secure all windows and doors and set alarms if appropriate.

Hopefully, the overriding emotion you feel on moving day is excitement. Whether you are moving abroad or staying in the same country, a big move is always a daunting prospect, but it becomes a lot easier with a little planning and forethought.

Unpacking a Big House Move

We all know that moving home is challenging and stressful. However, by following some simple guidelines, you can negotiate these challenges without your stress level reaching crazy levels.

The biggest way to help yourself is by choosing the right people to help you move. Ultimately, by opting for a reputable removal company that knows the business, you gain an expert ally who can help you plan and implement your house move.