2021’s prime building maintenance software

2021 arrived with a massive influx of changes especially in the digital landscape that proved to be advantageous to not only individual entrepreneurs but entire businesses when it came to management.

These innovative apps are not only armed with unique features to help you tackle your entrepreneurial problems but are also equipped with an arsenal of tools to help you avoid these problems in the first place.

Such software are not only excellent as an investment but also make property management businesses easy to handle without the additional stress.

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Listed below are 2021’s top 3 building maintenance software optimised to fit all your entrepreneurial needs under one roof.

1.     Workever:

This innovative, cloud-based technology is the ultimate dream for any building maintenance business! With its state-of-the-art tools and functions it guarantees reducing your work by half especially paperwork and promises to digitalize everything while prioritizing communication and coordination!

Some of its winning, deal-sealing features include:

  • Coordination & Communication:

Workever has devised an excellent platform o maximise communication between office staff and field staff. Not only does it allow you to track the location of your teams but also schedule projects to the correct individuals on-the-go using the drag-&-drop feature!

The map built in the app also shows the location of all your field staff members thus allowing you to easily coordinate with them.

  • Documents & Data:

This software has digitalised everything, from invoices to legal documents and even contact databases thus absolutely diminishing any lengthy paperwork or any time or energy wasted. You can use the app to quote and create invoices while the integrated database stores the contacts off all your contractors and suppliers in one organised system.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology:

This app uses cloud-based technology which not only significantly improves its performance but allows you to streamline the management process easily! You can also check up on progress and performances by downloading the comprehensive project reports provided that condense all the details of that particular task in a nutshell!

The best part is that Workever boasts an easy and fairly minimalistic interface which is easy to new workers to grasp and requires no prior training whatsoever! It also flaunts a forum of tutorials and videos on how to properly use all of its brilliant features!

2.     EZ Office Inventory:

This 5-star rated software has served thousands of entrepreneurs with its defining features and continues to rise to the top of the hierarchy by constantly introducing new and innovative functions!

Check out some of them below:

  • Maintenance & Management:

This easy to use software is not only excellent to use in the office but on-the-run as well using their well-developed and bug-less application. Using it you can easily track assets and live locations of their transportation while their QR and barcode scanning feature allows you to easily scan stock and take inventory without compiling lengthy lists.

  • Trends & Data:

Comprehensive analytics allow you to keep track of your progress and performance while you can also easily schedule jobs and customise priorities while managing assets alongside too! The best part is how you can log complete records and create a detailed history of trends and actions!

3.     Limble CMMS:

Another ingenious invention that is an asset for all entrepreneurs. This brilliant software has quite an impressive collection of tools to aid you in all your entrepreneurial ventures! Some of them include:

  • Asset Management:

This is one of the most difficult tasks about running a business maintenance software however Limble not only breaks down and simplifies the overall process but even aids you in keeping all your assets organised in one system!

You can check out asset maintenance records along with pricing and even view real-time data. The app also supports QR code scanning to search information easily and quickly!

  • Custom Dashboards:

These dashboards are key in helping you figure out how to make your business flourish and grow. Not only can you track and keep a record of your accounts and finances but even calculate which asset is the most expensive.

Based on this data you can download an entire detailed report to view your progress and even share these through software such as Excel spreadsheets or even basic PDFs. Another top feature of Limble is how you can make your own KPIs and even see rotatable dashboards to condense the entire web into a single place! Talk about innovation!


This digitalized era has created sufficient ease for all entrepreneurs alike and this list condensing the top building maintenance software just proves this statement!

The innovative options are endless when one invests in these applications and reduces not only the time wasted on using traditional methods but the energy as well!

So let your business rise to the top and use the software as the stepping stones to your success!