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Propology Boutique Properties
Multi award-winning Propology Boutique Properties is the creation of Cherylle Millard-Dawe who is living the lifestyle she always wanted after quitting the London rat race for her native North East, where she now lives in glorious rural Northumberland. With over 30 years of property experience under her belt, Cherylle chased her dream and has established Propology to help you do the same. Although we like to think of ourselves as fuzzy and warm, Propology is grounded in Cherylle’s experience as a property specialist in the capital. Providing a discreet and exclusive service, Propology will help you locate the home you’re hankering after and build the world you want to live in.
Managing Director

Property expert with 30 years experience, 20 at Director Level in Central London, now living in the Northumberland countryside with regular visits to London.

United Kingdom
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