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Experience Invest
Founded in 2004, Experience Invest is a privately owned London-based independent property specialist, and is considered one of the most established in the industry. As the company has grown, markets have changed. Experience Invest is dedicated to non-traditional investment products, innovatively designed to meet the needs of today’s astute investor. Catering for all types of clients from first-time investors and high NET worth individuals to corporate clients, Experience Invest has a significant number of repeat investors who purchase in multiple property developments. Opportunities are tailored for the current market conditions and provide the opportunity to invest in asset classes seldom available to the individual investor.
Online Content and Marketing Manager

Since graduating in 2008, Gemma has written for a wide selection of publications and is a regular online blogger.

From property news to investment insights, Gemma has a passion for delivering topical real estate news and has contributed to many online guides and investment websites.

United Kingdom
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