Property Developers — Do You Know About Wireless Fire Alarms?

If you’re developing new property, you have countless health and safety laws and recommendations to follow that apply specifically to construction sites. Along with rules about working at height and using specialist equipment, one crucial set of regulations deals with your obligations to ensure fire safety.

Fire Hazards on Construction Sites

logo-g-plusThe HSE gives detailed advice on the kind of fire threats likely to be found on a construction site, along with the measures you need to take. Broadly, they divide into combustible materials, from scaffold sheeting to LPG, and ignition sources, from welding to electrical equipment.

Following safety guidelines will reduce the risk of fire, but not eliminate it, and you must be able to alert and evacuate anyone on site if a fire does break out. For this, you could do a lot worse than browse Enfield Safety wireless fire alarms for sale online.

Why Wireless Fire Alarms?

The British Builder and Developer points out that “One of the most crucial elements of fire safety on construction sites is to select the most appropriate fire detection and alarm solution.” So what is most appropriate? A traditional, wired-in fire alarm is expensive. It may be a good investment for a finished building, depending on its specific needs, but installing one on a temporary basis for a construction site is not only an unreasonable expense, it also can’t adapt to the site’s ever-changing needs.

A wireless system, on the other hand, such as the Defender Wireless Fire Alarm System, is a fraction of the cost, and the call points (up to 40 in the case of the Defender) can be easily repositioned with minimal effort. The base station, too, can be moved to wherever is most convenient, or even carried by the site manager or fire officer.

With any fire alarm used on a construction site, the sounders have to be loud enough to be heard on a noisy site. The volume found on a domestic smoke detector won’t be enough here, but the Defender’s sounders, for example, reach 108 decibels. As long as they’re are positioned strategically, that should be plenty to alert the site users.

An Ideal Solution

A wireless fire alarm system is the ideal way to meet your legal and common-sense obligations on a construction site without paying a high price for a system that has to be dismantled after a short time. It’s flexible within the site, and it can be taken on to the next site without having to pay for expensive installation again. There’s no downside to it.