Property Guides: Cost of Sunshine

Have you ever thought about how holiday home buyers know where to buy properties? Well, many homeowners will choose a location where they will get the most sunlight for their money.

Making sure you use plenty of sunscreen, natural exposure to the sun is essential to good health and getting our fix of Vitamin D. But with the British weather giving us very little sunshine, some of us may feel low and a little weak. That’s because Vitamin D is vital for a healthy immune system, and being out in the sun makes many of us feel happier and more energetic. So it’s no wonder we Brits look forward to the summer season so much.

Buying a property in the sun makes perfect sense but are you concerned about high prices? Considering the UK property market, it is easy for us to think that buying in the sunniest locations must be more expensive. Property Guides have crunched the numbers and created an infographic on the holiday property hotspots, and you may be pleasantly surprised how much sun you can get for your money.

Of course, sunshine doesn’t actually cost a penny! However, if you buy a 50 square metre property in the Turkey’s Turquoise coast and owned it for 20 years, during that time in the Turkish Riviera you’ll pay 85p per hour of sunshine. Whereas, if you purchased the exact same sized property and owned it for 20 years in Eastbourne, it would cost you £3.86 per hour of sunshine! Take a look at the infographic below that explains exactly why.