Why you should think about using your property as a holiday home

With the rise in staycations and an onus on being more mindful and reducing carbon footprints, it’s no surprise that there’s been a notable surge in shunning abroad holidays and settling for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday closer to home. Because of this, there’s also been a corresponding rise in second property purchases, with the sole purpose of these properties being to provide accommodation for those looking for a break away. Whilst summer is still peak season for these kinds of adventures, other special occasions such as Easter and Christmas also invite breaks away, and with that, comes a year-round demand for available holiday homes.

With that in mind, there is truly no better time to delve into the world of holiday homing, especially if you’re considering a second home already and would be interested in reaping the benefits of the additional income that comes alongside this. Holiday homes are extremely profitable, and with summer weather sunnier than ever last year, we’d predict that staycations will rise only higher as the months go on.

Whilst the theory behind owning a second home and renting it out sounds simple enough, there can be daunting prospects in terms of the logistics behind running a business within this industry. First there’s ensuring you have all of the appropriate permissions and paperwork to allow you to rent out your home. Then there’s the advertising and promotion to ensure that your property actually retains some guests. Add on the manual work in ensuring the property is spick and span for your guests’ arrival, annual maintenance and those all-important yet time consuming little touches, and you’ve got a whole load of work on your hands. Whilst for some this route appears as an inviting challenge, for others, time is of the essence and this simply isn’t possible. By choosing an agent, such as those that look after the Character Cottages Cotswolds holiday cottages, you can be guided seamlessly through the entire process. Agents allow you to be as involved in the process as you wish to be, they can either handle absolutely everything for you, or if you’d prefer a more personal experience, they will be there to deal with the sides of things you’d rather not but leave the fun bits up to you!

Now that that’s the logistics covered, now what about the practicalities? Ensuring that your home is ready for visitors is important, if you’re wanting to do any DIY projects or updating of individual areas, we’d advise you to do so before you enter into the process. The more preened the property the better, after all, guests are going to want to feel at home in their accommodation, and if you can secure repeat customers, you’re set up for a great business.

Offering your second home as a holiday home can be both a profitable and fun experience for all involved, and believe us when we say, if you’re not thinking about it, in today’s market you definitely should be.