Property Hotspots showing the Most Potential for 2017

Property investing was always about the location, ensuring the right property was purchased in the right market would go a long way to reaching profit. With trends changing and the very best investment locations changing month by month, FJP Investment has decided to list some of the best locations for property investment in the UK in 2017.

If you are buying investment property in the UK, here are a few key markets that we expect to be top performers this year:


Manchester has one the best property markets at present in the UK. Significant investment has gone into Manchester over the last decade but we believe Manchester still has some way to go. People want to live in the city centre but unfortunately the city centre has a supply shortage. There are many developments in place and we see Manchester as a good choice for 2017.


The government has recently prioritised the North of England as an economic priority. Hull is a large beneficiary of the upcoming round of investment, it could prove to be a great opportunity if you can get in early. Siemens have just announced a £310 million factory and we are excited to see what the next few years has in store for Hull.


Over the past twelve months we have seen property prices rise by 6% along with rents increase by 3.6%. Thanks, in large to the new HS2 project along with several refurbishment projects, the city has bags of potential and we are very excited to see Leeds on our list. One of our recently launched investment opportunity has an office in Leeds. Pegasus Agriculture Group have recently opened an office in Leeds, further highlighting the potential of the city as a great city to base themselves.

If international markets are of more interest to you, FJP Investment has 3 markets that we believe you should be considering. Those investors looking overseas will find a vast range of options to consider, some truly excellent destinations for 2017:


The Spanish property market was hit the hardest in the global economic recession out of all other markets. The bounce back was slow, but finally Spain is out of deep water and showing signs that has many of the leading property experts betting on it. The long-term view is that Spain has strong potential for long term growth.


Thanks to the “Golden Visa” scheme, Portugal has been a quality choice for international investors wanting to buy a property in Europe with residency rights. Portugal has also been a beneficiary of the recovery in Spain, with the Spanish once again visiting Portugal for day trips and holidays. Portugal is an attractive package and make investing in Portugal simple, with 80% loan to value mortgages readily available for international buyers.


The United States of America is a large country and incredibly diverse. Within this one country are so many different markets from California to Florida, right the way north to New York. The USA still has more to do and still faces uncertainty, but overall, the USA is an attractive destination for international property investors.

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