Do Quartz Worktops Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Quartz is, without doubt, one of the most popular worktop materials out there. Whether you’re looking for the kitchen or the bathroom, quartz worktops are a fantastic addition. Not only is it a beautiful mix of resin and stone but it’s a durable and beautiful stone too.

In fact, quartz offers so many benefits that it’s fast becoming the worktop of choice throughout the UK and in fact, around the world. Quartz offers a plethora of benefits, one being that it can actually help increase the value of your property. Why? Because it offers such incredible functionality as well as aesthetics and very few do, in the way that quartz does.

In fact, many would consider quartz to be an investment that would pay for itself in increasing property value.

quartz worktop kitchen

Has Quartz Taken Over?

For most, when it comes to kitchen or bathroom worktops, the natural choice is to look at granite worktops. Yes, granite is an incredibly popular stone. Along with quartz, it’s durable and indeed, beautiful. It does, however, have its downsides. While quartz is more expensive, granite does require a certain level of maintenance.

Granite is actually porous which means without the proper sealing, you’ll find yourself looking at a very stained worktop over time. With professional sealing, your granite worktop will undoubtedly look beautiful for years to come however this does require paying professionals to seal your worktop, in some cases, annually which not only brings with it a certain level of hassle but also cost year on year.

While quartz may cost more initially, you escape this annual maintenance fee.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Unlike other materials, especially natural stones, quartz can be cut and essentially engineered to create striking looks and designs. You also escape natural changes in colour and markings that the likes of granite and marble bring with it. With the perfect marriage of science and nature, quartz allows for a tough and durable stone to be created in virtually any colour and what’s more, you can ensure uniformity throughout.

Quartz is available in a variety of different colours, patterns and even thicknesses making it almost bespoke to your exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a minimal look or a more dramatic effect, quartz has it all and that will ultimately be reflected in the value of your home upon installation.

quartz worktop kitchen

Super Easy To Maintain

As we mentioned above, with quartz you escape the maintenance that you’d otherwise find yourself having to carry out with the likes of granite. Quartz is so easy in fact that you’ll only need a damp cloth and warm soapy water to keep it looking beautiful for years to come, which will only aid in it’s return on investment. Add to that the added convenience of being low maintenance and it’s easy to see why it’s such a great investment for any property.

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