How to get a quick sale on your home in three easy steps

When it’s time to put your house up for sale, many people make the mistake of thinking that it will only be on the market for a matter of days or weeks, when in fact it ends up taking years.
Although we all like to think of our homes as perfect, buyers don’t have your personality or style, and there are many things that can easily put them off a property. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, and you want to know how to avoid it being left on the shelf, read on for the three easy steps you should follow.

1. Tone it down

First of all, take a walk around your property and try to imagine that you’re seeing it for the first time. It may be hard, but you need to try and replicate the impact that your home is having on people, and it could be that there are certain bold elements which need re-thinking. For example, if you find yourself walking into a room that’s bright yellow or orange and you think “wow what a colourful room”, chances are that buyers have been thinking “wow, that’s a bit too strong for me”.

Many buyers these days put everything they have into their deposit, and simply don’t have the budget to redecorate a whole house immediately, so they will reject places that they wouldn’t feel happy living in right away. Whether it’s a quirky kitchen or a vibrant living room, re-paint any areas like this calming, cooler colours that can easily be lived in.

2. Research your area thoroughly

If it’s not the décor, it could be the value. It’s worth fully researching your area when putting your home up for sale. Look for what the typical property prices are in your area, and aim to price yours competitively. You can even go and view other properties with the aim of looking for how yours differs – why is it more or less money than yours?

A great tip here is to and speak to several experienced local estate agents who will be able to give you a thorough guide to what buyers in your area look for. Just make sure they understand the location well; for example, if you’re looking for York estate agents, Linley & Simpson have been helping people find homes since 1997.

3. Is a re-vamp needed?

When you take a tour around your home, another thing you should look for are any run-down areas that are letting you down. Things like loose wiring, cracks in walls and shoddy wooden windows can give the impression that you don’t take care of your home. To a buyer, it instantly makes them question what else is wrong that they just can’t see, and they will disregard your property based on the aesthetics, so don’t give them a reason to!

Do you have any more tips for readers on how to get a quick sale out of their home?

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