Real Estate Business Strategies: Ideas and Techniques

Running a real estate agency in this day and age can be challenging. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you establish and keep a solid customer base, there are a few things you need to put in place.

Real Estate Business Strategies

We took a look at what some of the most successful real estate agencies are doing globally, including basic business functions and how they are effectively marketing their company. Let’s take a look.

Get the right business proposal for your company

Whether you are just starting out or have a well-established real estate agency, your business proposal is an important consideration. A business proposal is a sales document that presents a value proposition and a call to action to persuade prospective customers to do business with you. You can also use a business proposal to entice potential partners to invest in your company.

Regardless of the purpose of your business proposal, it must be well-written and presentable if you want your prospects to take the desired action. So, if you’re unfamiliar with composing proposals, the best course of action would be to make use of proposal management software to secure clients and investors.

Build up and look after your client base

It is easier to retain clients than it is to land new clients. It is cheaper, takes up less time, and is less resource-intensive.

So, when you start building your real estate database, make sure you nurture it. Keep the data clean and make sure you engage with your clients regularly. In saying that, do not bombard them with information.

As a real estate agency, you should be sending out at least one email a week. But, if you need to send out more, allow your clients to select what they want to see and segment your mailing lists. In this way, your clients will see what they want, and your retention rates will increase.

Keep building that list and make sure your email content is worth reading.

Focus on your marketing content

Let’s talk more about what your clients want to see.

First of all, you need to know a little about your client. What are their basic demographics? What are their behaviours and interests?

When they open your emails, what do they want to see? What makes them engage with you and entices them to open the email and visit your website?

Quality content is key to landing those clients.

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The content needs to be educational, informative, and highly attractive. So, spend some time putting together emails and social media posts that they want to see. Make sure your copy is clear, descriptive, and simple. Make sure that your images are of high quality and professionally shot.

We have seen far too many agencies which use poorly shot images taken with a cheap mobile device. And that simply doesn’t work. Clients want to see great images and pictures of the property they are buying.

Get the right tools and platforms for your operations

In this digital age, it is almost unforgivable to be still stuck in the past regarding technology and processes. There are hundreds of automation tools and business operations tools to help streamline your business.

From marketing to team communication, project management, and even website design, you simply need to know what you are looking for and how much budget you have.

Look at team collaboration and communication, for example. Tools like Slack and are a great way to monitor each project’s progress and be able to communicate in real-time with your team.

Spend time on your website

Your website is your calling card, your sales platform, and your marketing portal. Make sure that it looks professional, has the right elements to convert your clients, and is easy to navigate.

If you already have a website, go through the customer journey yourself. Where will your customers enter your site, and how will they behave? Are your CTAs well-positioned and effective? Are your images of high quality? Does your copy make sense, and is it laid out for heightened SEO?

Whether you are just starting or already have a website, it is worth your while going through a UX design journey with your development team. This will help you establish the best ways to optimise your site for your clients to convert and book an appointment to view the property.

Find out the quickest route on your site from entry to conversion, and make sure your clients can follow that.

The bottom line

In conclusion, the digital space has allowed all industries to pivot their operations and reach more clients. The real estate industry is just one of those that can capitalise on this environment and ensure a continually growing client base.