Reducing impact of graffiti is fine art


Graffiti is the most common type of property vandalism. While some consider it an urban art form, tagging can not only have an effect on the quality of life of homeowners it can be incredibly expensive to remove.

And with many graffiti artists working under the cover of darkness, it can be difficult to protect your exposed brickwork. Here are some strategies you can adopt as a resident to reduce the threat and consistency of graffiti in your area.

Protect your property

The best way of discouraging graffiti artists from vandalising your property is to prevent them gaining access to it. This can be achieved by incorporating new landscaping and fencing.

Graffiti artists do not like to be seen, so improving the lighting in your area and installing security cameras can also deter would-be vandals.

Report it when you see it

Graffiti artists can be identified by their tag, so report this to local authorities who can use this information to track down the vandal. If the same tag is appearing in different places, this is often an indication that a vandal is being particularly active.

There are often graffiti prevention hotlines that you can call upon discovery of new graffiti.

Involve the community in the removal of graffiti

Graffiti can be removed in no time should you gather community volunteers together to paint over graffiti hotspots in your area. By continuously removing graffiti from your neighbourhood, you shouldn’t have a problem convincing the vandals that their work is being removed quickly and that they have no place in your neighbourhood. You may even be eligible for free paint should you inform the local council of your intentions.

Create artwork of your own at graffiti hotspots

Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? With the permission of residents and the local council, you could potentially paint your own mural. Turning your neighbourhood into a showcase for street art could encourage past graffiti vandals to use their skills and contribute to the project.

Talk to younger people in local schools

Graffiti awareness campaigns in schools are a great way of getting across to younger people the negative side of graffiti, including the fact that it is illegal and you can be fined for getting caught. This is an excellent way of bringing younger people within the community together to further restrict the presence of graffiti.

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