How to Refurbish Your Home and Raise Its Market Value

Do you want to live in a richer home or do you want to sell your home at a great price? Either way, enough with the dullness that festers about your home. Are you not up to here with boring old solutions to house decorations, all of them the same as with every single house you have ever been to?

There are so many other options you can utilise to turn your average-looking home into a unique structure you and all your guests can enjoy. All you have to do is apply that imagination of yours and put it to good use. It is the only thing limiting your options to a better house. If you have enough of a budget to change things up a bit, you can do so much to improve not only the outlook, but the functionality of the house as well.

But enough with the lectures and let’s proceed to the brainstorming and the ideas which you can draw inspiration from if your imagination needs any type of stirring.

Electrical Installations – Lights, Appliance and other Electrical Devices

The presence of modern commodities can tip the scale when renovating a property. Consider installing new appliance and interior lighting. A fresh electric oven, fridge or merely led lights could bring in a whole new layer of comfort and value. As long as you keep up with regulations such as, you can rest assured that the value of your property will rise.

Here are a few to name:

  • Kitchen robots;
  • New fridge freezers;
  • Electric ovens;
  • Friers;
  • Bread machine (top pick);
  • Combi steamers;
  • Espresso machines;
  • Sandwich toasters.

The Compact Look: Space Savers

If you have always suffered from lack of space in the house, you can start with working on that. The variety of options that space savers will offer you are mind-blowing as you can install organisers, shelves, and racks almost anywhere in the house. Here are some examples to amaze you.

  • If your ceiling is high enough, how about you build a platform on the floor. On the side of that platform, you can install cabinets, drawers, dressers, shoe-space, wine racks, and whatever else your imagination can handle. Think about how shocking a platform in the guestroom that will hide a pull-out bed will be!
  • If you own a two-storey house, have you ever wondered what to do with that space under the staircase? Some people use it as a cupboard, but you cannot follow examples from the Dursleys, now can you? You can still use it as storage, but implement different ideas. It can be a web of wine racks, it can be a series of shelves – how does an under-stairs bookcase sound? Or it can be a system of drawers for tools, rarely-used china and cutlery, or even a replacement for your shoe stand.
  • Shelves are the ultimate space savers, always used in situations when you need a bit of extra storage. For instance, a shelf in the kitchen can mean a place for your cookbooks, for candles, for spices and herbs. The latter can be organised in a series of shelves all around your kitchen walls. Shelves in the living room will mean that you will finally have a place for your remote controls, keys, and valuable items that need to stay away from the kid’s hands or the pet’s fangs.
  • Racks are just as good. A few racks in your kitchen for pans, pots, and lids will make a huge amount of space in the cabinets for more plates and bowls, so go wild when installing them. An umbrella rack at the door will save the need for an umbrella stand which you could kick all the time, and a hanger rack on the wall will remove the need for that coat stand that is always tipping and falling even you overload one side.

A cleared, clean, and more compact house opens a lot of options in the future in so many ways. A clean carpet is not only part of domestic hygiene but also pleasing to the eye. One, it provides you with a minimalistic sense to enjoy if you’re keeping it. And two, it gives buyers the sense of a blank page which they can fill in as they desire when looking through it. The deal will be done!

Clean Up and Clear Out

You need to de-clutter the place. You probably have plenty of items you no longer use and no longer need and you can get rid of them right before you dive into a quick home cleaning to see what space you are actually working with.

Do a thorough house clearance – from unnecessary furniture, to the lamps you have always hated, to the extra clutter in your closet and basement, and all those crates and boxes of ancient things that you would never have resurfaced. And do not fool yourself – of course you have such things; there is no home without them. Clear out the garage as well, you can use some of the space there as well.

Next comes the home cleaning. Now, the reason for this is to have a good idea about the actual space you will have for the remodelling of whatever you deem necessary (or too dull to stay the same).

“It does not have to be a thorough house cleaning that will take most of your week, you do not even have to do it yourself. If you can spare the cash, hire a cleaning agency to take that chore off your hands. “ says Madeline D. Meyers, a professional cleaning technician. “A professional cleaner will do it much faster than you will, anyway, and you can save your strength for what is to come – and an arduous process that will be, not to mention the agency approved tenancy checklist.”

So, preferably, get a cleaning company to do the dirty work for you so that you are left with only the creative part. Another great option is to outsource your actual relocation to a removal company like A man and Van 247, which will not only cut you the effort an elbow grease but will fully insure your possessions while transited. The great part about such services is that they can also offer packing and unpacking as part of the job, which takes away the entire burden of changing your home.