How is Leeds Regeneration Shaping the Region?

How is Leeds Regeneration Shaping the Region?

Leeds is experiencing a major transformation as regeneration projects across the city are reshaping its landscape.

Leeds has become a perfect location for young professionals hoping to get on the property ladder. Regeneration plans make Leeds a far more prosperous opportunity than the likes of London, as prices in the capital are becoming more unaffordable leading people disenchanted over the rising southern prices.

Leeds is an eye-catching city that is gaining international recognition due to its diverse culture and growing student population. Historically, areas of Leeds are important, even if they are slightly run down. During the 17th century, certain parts of Leeds were considered to be the city’s epicentre, however these are set to embark on a complete renovation providing the plans in the pipeline get accepted.

Leeds City Council is central to many regeneration initiatives in and around the city centre but one of the most notable schemes is the Townscape Heritage Programme run by the UK’s Heritage Lottery Fund. If planning is successful, it will be used to inject a new lease of life into the retail area around the Grand Theatre.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Grand Theatre was developed and later realtered during the 19th century to become a cultural and commercial hub in Leeds. It forms a diverse collection of listed buildings, but more recently the area fell into decline due to lack of investment through commercial properties.

Currently only 17% of the buildings are considered to be in good condition. Therefore, through the introduction of this scheme, improvements can be made to existing builds, making them ideal for investment. Transforming historical buildings will link in with another scheme called ‘Re-Making Leeds’ which aims to revive the city’s heritage so historic buildings can live on into the future. The city has over 2,300 listed structures and more than 70 conservation areas, with a wide selection of buildings built before 1919. Re-Making Leeds aims to provide training opportunitie4s for young people, which will boost the job prospects throughout the city.

Furthermore, as Leeds City Council is central to many ambitious schemes across the country, one of their most notable regeneration projects is the South Bank. This presents one of the most exciting development opportunities within the UK. Judging by the council’s strong track record of producing some of the most successful schemes across the city, the redevelopment of the South Bank aims to boost Leeds’ reputation into one of the most successful global cities.

Becoming a place to live, work and invest is the determined vision of the Leeds South Bank. Plans focus on building one of Europe’s most exciting sustainable growth locations as it is set to completely revamp the city centre. Future plans include the HS2 station which is home to the new high-speed rail, alongside the existing station which will work in conjunction to become an international gateway and one of the busiest transport interchanges in the country.

Aiming to become a welcoming and safe environment, the Leeds South Bank’s ambition is to double the economic impact of the city centre by doubling in size. A global destination for investment will be created and companies like RW Invest are reaping the investment benefits of this burgeoning region.