Free Rent Arrears Letter Template – Sample Landlord Letter to Tenant Late Payment

Writing a rent arrears letter requires a careful balance of professionalism and assertiveness to effectively communicate with a tenant who is behind on their rent payments.

Start by including the date and both your and the tenant’s contact information at the top of the letter. Clearly state the purpose of the letter and provide a concise but detailed account of the outstanding rent, specifying the amount owed and the period it covers.

Be sure to reference the terms of the lease agreement, including any late fees or penalties. Express understanding and encourage open communication to address any underlying issues causing the arrears.

Clearly outline the steps the tenant should take to remedy the situation, including the deadline for payment and any consequences for further non-compliance.

End the letter on a firm yet polite note, reinforcing the importance of timely resolution and emphasizing the consequences of continued non-payment. Always maintain a professional tone to preserve the landlord-tenant relationship while addressing the financial matter at hand.

Example Rent Arrears Letter Template

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, Postal Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]


[Tenant’s Name]
[Tenant’s Address]
[City, Postal Code]

Dear [Tenant’s Name],

Re: Notice of Rent Arrears

Re: Notice of Rent Arrears

I trust this letter finds you well. This correspondence is to bring to your attention the current status of your rental account for the property located at [Tenant’s Address], as of [Current Date]. As per our Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement dated [Lease Start Date], and in accordance with the terms outlined therein, it has come to my attention that there is an outstanding balance on your rent.

Outstanding Rent Amount: £[Amount]
Period Covered: [Start Date] to [End Date]

I understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, affecting one’s ability to meet financial obligations. However, it is essential for both parties to adhere to the terms of our agreement. Late payment charges of £[Late Fee Amount] have been incurred as of [Current Date], in addition to the aforementioned rent amount.

To resolve this matter promptly, I kindly request that you remit the total amount due, including late fees, by [Due Date – typically 5 to 10 days from the date of the letter]. Payments can be made via [Accepted Payment Methods], and I am open to discussing a reasonable arrangement if needed.

Should you encounter challenges meeting this deadline or have concerns, I encourage you to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] at your earliest convenience. Open communication is crucial in resolving any issues and ensuring the continued success of our landlord-tenant relationship.

Please be advised that failure to address this matter within the stipulated timeframe may result in further actions, including but not limited to legal proceedings or eviction, in accordance with the terms of the Housing Act 1988.

I appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and anticipate a swift resolution. Thank you for your cooperation.


[Your Full Name]
[Your Signature – if sending a hard copy]

[Your Title or Position]
[Your Contact Information]

When do rent arrears occur

Rent arrears occur when tenants fall behind on their rental payments, which can be a challenging issue for both landlords and tenants. There are several reasons why rent arrears may occur, including financial difficulties, job loss, illness or injury, unexpected expenses, or changes in personal circumstances.

For example, a tenant may have lost their job or experienced a reduction in income, making it difficult to keep up with rent payments. Alternatively, unexpected expenses such as medical bills or car repairs may put a strain on a tenant’s finances, making it harder to afford rent.

Landlords may also contribute to rent arrears by failing to maintain the property or by being unresponsive to tenant complaints, which can lead to tenants withholding rent. Whatever the cause, it is essential for landlords and tenants to communicate and work together to find a solution that works for both parties, such as setting up a payment plan or seeking financial assistance.

Landlord Letter To Tenant Late Payment – Rent Arrears Letter

Here we have two rent arrears letter templates, which you can download completely free, to help you communicate with tenants who fail to pay their rent on time.

All you have to do is click on the links below to download them, personalise them for your tenant and put them in the post:

Download Late Rent Chase Up Letter 1

Deal with non-payment of rent issues immediately. If rent is more than 3 days overdue, then send out this first letter. (Always take into account bank holidays, Christmas and Easter breaks because banks do not process any payments at these times).

The final sentence of the letter talks about imposing an administration charge for late payment. You can only include this if you have given details of the administration charge in your tenancy agreement.

Download Late Rent Chase Up Letter 2

This letter is sent out only if you have received no response 4 days after you sent out the first rent chase up letter. This clearly gets across your no-nonsense approach to resolving this situation quickly and most tenants will respond to this letter.

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