Replacement Steel Windows

Traditional steel windows are known to be strong and durable, but they are not without their problems.

Although they give a great period look, if you have a building that features old-style steel windows, it is definitely worth exploring a more modern solution. And a new building legislation being introduced in October even means that many old style steel windows may not meet revised energy efficiency standards.


Steel windows are made from steel, they are strong, thin and do look good. Their design is still really popular in old and listed buildings or in conservations areas, and their appearance is definitely one of their strong points. However, they are known to cause condensation and tend to need regular repainting. The condensation is caused as the frames basically conduct heat, resulting in mould and mildew over time. A nasty side effect that no one wants in their homes, offices or other buildings.

Like for like replacements also tend to be very expensive and they may not solve all of the problems listed above especially condensation.

A new aluminium steel replacement has been developed that keeps the popular period look, but eliminates the problems associated with the old style. This new product offers a very similar look, but with all the benefits of a modern window system.

A polyamide thermal break ensures that the aluminium conducts much less heat – thus stopping the old issue of condensation. High-quality glass also limits the amount of heat that passes through the windows, known as a low U value.

These new generation steel windows are secure and slim-line, but still ultra strong. They have a powerful lock which fits the opener to the frame.

The new style windows continue the authentic look combined with modern practicality by using Chelton handles.

Modern and slim-line, the handles are discreet and do not get in the way of blinds. Above all, the handles lock far more securely. Please visit for further information.

These modern aluminium steel windows are internally glazed and can be fitted from the inside – even from several stories above the ground. This saves a substantial amount of time and money as it eliminates the need for costly scaffolding with can run to thousands of pounds.

The popular look of the old steel windows was partly down to their steel Georgian bars and the new style aluminium windows recreate this authentic look by using astragal bars.

The replacement windows also have fire egress hinges which imitate the original hinges, so by opening to 90 degrees.

Practical and a contemporary solution to an old problem, replacements can be fixed either to the original wooden frames or direct to the brick – removing the need to ever paint window frames again.