Resale Value of Your Home: Top Tips for Maximising It

If you’ve decided to sell your home and perhaps buy a new one, you should try and get the best possible price. To be able to do that, you should maximise the resale value of your home. There are a few plausible ways to do that. Keep reading to learn more about how to maximise the resale value of your home. You can choose the tips that suit you regarding your home’s condition, budget, and other factors. 

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First of all, you should start with strategic repairs and improvements. Assess your home regarding necessary repairs and improvements and set a list of priorities. When you finish dealing with the indoors, you can move to boost your curb appeal – more on that later on. To ge the best value for your home, you should work with a local professional, such as a realtor. An essential aspect is your home’s energetic efficiency, so work on that, too. What’s more, you should eliminate all the unnecessary and broken things – nobody enjoys clutter.

Be strategic about repairs and improvements

When it comes to maximising the resale value of your home, you should start with a general assessment of the condition of your home. Being strategic about needed repairs and improvement means creating a plan or priorities. You should observe your home objectively and note down everything that needs to be done to maximise its value. For some things, you probably already know the estimated cost, while for others, you probably don’t. You should also know your budget and limitations as they will guide your priorities. Some of the repairs and improvements are costlier than the others. If you start thinking about these repairs and improvements on time, you can do one or two things each month without affecting your budget too much. 

For instance, consider the condition of the wall paint – if the walls look old and dingy, refresh the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Also, you should fix any leaking faucets, creaking and non-working windows and doors, and so on.

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Boost your curb appeal

The next thing you should be thinking about is boosting your curb appeal. The first image of your home that potential buyers see is its curb appeal. It works similarly to the first impression of a person – it is vital for forming a positive opinion about it. You can get a really good price if your curb appeal is fascinating. On the other hand, if your curb appeal is not appealing, it can lower the price of your home. And we don’t want that. So, how to boost your curb appeal?

First, get rid of all the unnecessary things, clutter and garbage. Then, clean it. That means the walls, windows and the entryway. You should also sweep the walking path and the patio if there is one. What makes a home appealing is the lovely green landscaping in front of it. So, make sure that the grass is green, neat and trimmed and that there are some flowers, bushes, trees and general plants. 

Work with a local professional

Furthermore, you should consider working with a local professional. To get the best deal, you should consult a local real estate agent, as they know better than anybody the current market trends for each neighbourhood. A real estate professional can give you valuable insights to help position your home in the market for success. Moreover, realtors can connect you with potential buyers as they have the necessary resources. For example, if your home is in Melbourne, you can hire a Point Cook real estate agent to help you sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price possible. 

Improve energy-efficiency

The energetic efficiency of your home is vital for every serious buyer. People want homes that are optimal when it comes to using energy. You should assess the condition of your home in terms of its energy efficiency. The optimal energetic efficiency of a house includes quality windows and doors that seal well and a heating and cooling system that doesn’t use too much energy, which means lower utility bills. Look into what you can do, as a house that is not energetically efficient tends to sell for a lower price.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Soon after you decide to sell your home, you should be working on cleaning and decluttering it. We all pile up many things over time, and we don’t use them or need them. So, get rid of all the unnecessary, unused and broken things. 

These tips can help you maximise the resale value of your home – the realtors you hire can also give you some plausible and actionable tips from their professional standpoint and experience.