Rethink your Kitchen: How to modernise the most important room in the House?

If split kitchen countertops and rusted iron furniture have been making it boring for you to cook food and spend time in your kitchen, it is time to rethink this space. If worn-out cabinets and dim lighting make the space uninviting, it is time to rethink your kitchen.

Everybody understands the importance of a kitchen in a home. It is a place where your entire family gets together to eat together, and your guests meet to create memories over food. Thus, it is critical to make your wining and dining special by modernising this area. Here are some ways to redesign your kitchen to feel more youthful and energetic.

Give your kitchen a theme: From wall colours and furniture shades to the worktop and splashback patterns, you can think of coordinating it all to create harmony. A modern kitchen not only appears elegant but also has brighter elements to positively energize the space. This keeps the people spending time in the kitchen happier and vibrant.

You can explore various themes on kitchen design websites or in-home style magazines. Then, you may finalise an interesting theme that fits in the choice of your family. Try out painting, replacements and new installations according to that theme. Mix and match colours, styles, patterns, textures and finishes.

Replace cracked or worn out worktops: Nowadays, kitchen worktop suppliers have a wide variety of kitchen worktops in London. You can choose materials ranging from natural and engineered marbles to granite and quartz that are quite popular for use in modern kitchens. Getting rid of plain worktops and replacing those with patterned and veined worktops can make your kitchen come alive again.

Kitchen worktops direct your activity and functionality while the newer types of stones are available in a variety of colours and textures. Choose smooth yet durable stones that are tough to endure the hustle in your kitchen and are aesthetically pleasing too.

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Repaint kitchen cabinets: If kitchen cabinets are in the right condition, you can easily paint them to match your wall colours or keep them in contrast to wall colours. For example, if you have white walls, you can choose subtle colours for cabinets to add a touch of sophistication. Similarly, you can choose a brighter shade of the same colour that is on the walls. This can carry a contemporary theme very well. Go by your intuition on what would appeal your senses the most.

Add fresh hardware: Add some new hardware in your classic kitchen. From pulls and knobs to faucets, sinks and accessories, there are cost-effective choices available in a variety of modern-day hardware. In fact, you may also get some gorgeous modern appliances to upgrade the old ones and add to the overall look in your kitchen.

Install modern lighting: Swap the dusty light bulbs with marvellous pendant lights or colourful LED options. You may also get a chandelier light to hang above the dining area. This adds a touch of soft colours and cosy feel to your modern kitchen. If you have a lounge-style dining area, you may think of adding a floor lamp in a corner. Sconces look beautiful in a kitchen that features open shelving.

Do not forget the furniture and flooring: These aspects are usually neglected when redesigning a kitchen. However, your modern kitchen will look modern, only if it has synchronized elements. So, bring in those barstools and have some wood on the floor.

Pay attention to upgrading and modernising all major and minor elements in your kitchen to make it your dream space in your dream home.