Roof Repair Guide: How To Repair A Broken Roof

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your roof can help you to stay away from hefty repair expenses. The roof of your house is the most important element of your home, and there is no way possible that you will be able to live in a home without a roof.

The average lifespan of an asphalt roof is almost 15-years, and during this time duration, your roof needs regular maintenance. We all know that roofs are the exterior part of the home that is going to face damage from strong winds, hailstorms, tree damage, UV rays, and many other problems.

At times you will need roof repairing if the damage is in a specific area, whereas other times if damage has occurred to a large extent then you might need to replace the entire roofing which would be a costly expense.

When do you need a roof repair?

Whether you should go for replacement of your roof or repairing of your roof, it depends on different factors. Some of the major factors include how much is the total roof surface area that needs repair, what is the type of damage, and how old your roof is. Analyzing all these factors will help you choose between roof replacement and roof repairing.

Here are some signs that will give you a hint that your roof needs repair:

  • Curled and cracked shingles: This shows that shingles of your roof are at the end of their lifespan and thus, you need repair.
  • Dirty and dark shingles: This is another major sign. Dirty and dark shingles mean that roof is trapping moisture and it can be a sign of the growth of molds or mildew in your roof.
  • Granules in the gutter: These are dark granules that come out when shingles start to wear out. You can find them laying like black sand in your gutters.
  • Deteriorating flashing: If you notice deteriorating flashing around the skylights, at the roof edges, or chimneys, then it is a sure sign of roof damage.
  • Attic damage: Attic is an important component of your roof, and if you notice any signs resulting from water damage or any light coming out from the roof, that means you need roof repair urgently.

How to repair your roof?

Your roof will face natural wear and tear over the course of time. But doing regular maintenance and upkeep can help you in preventing major damage.

Some repairs can be easily done by us, but some repairs need technical knowledge and it’s best that you choose a professional service to complete the task. Roofs made up of materials like slate, clay, wood, and metal need professional help for roof repair.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material that most households use. You can look for different DIY methods on the internet to repair the asphalt roof.

Before you begin any type of roof repair work, it is important to get professional help to know about the damage and destruction. This way, you will have a proper understanding of the procedure of completing the roof repair.

Safety tips you need for roof repair

Following are some of the major safety tips that you need to follow when you are thinking about any type of roof repair:

  • Never start the roof repair work alone.
  • Wear proper safety gear and take maximum care and precaution when doing the repair work.
  • Keep all repair tools within your reach to avoid any awkward position.
  • Use a safe, secure, and sturdy ladder to reach the roof. If possible, ask someone to hold the ladder for you.
  • Always walk slowly and steadily on the roof when you are reaching the roof for repair work.
  • Pick a cool morning time for roof repair as the afternoon sun can make the roof too hot to walk upon.

Do you need to hire a roof repair contractor?

This is a personal choice, and it depends on different factors whether you should choose a repair contractor for your roof or not.

Some of the major factors include the location of the damage, level of roof damage, time and skill needed, and your personal skills. If you are skilled enough, you can complete the repair work yourself. But, if you want repair work for materials like slate and clay, you may need a professional to do the roof repair work for you.

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We hope this article will help you in getting maximum information about roof repair. Follow all these tips to get the best repair.