Eco-Friendly And Recyclable Materials For Roofing Your House

One of the most popular trends nowadays is doing all that you can in order to make your own home more eco-friendly. While there is a wide variety of things that you can do, one of them is definitely deciding what kind of roofing materials you are going to use.

There are two most important things that you need to have in mind when thinking about your roof. The first one is, of course, using the right kind of material that is going to last for a long period of time. However, if you are one of the people who like to think “green”, it is essential that you also think about the second thing – making it as eco-friendly as possible, so that it is in no way hazardous the environment.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the eco-friendly and recycle materials that you should consider for roofing your house.


White roof

A white roof, probably better known as “cool roof”, is a great solution because it reflects the sun’s rays away from your home. This results in making sure that your roof’s temperature is quite lower, extending that effect to your house’s interior as well. Not only will your energy bills during the hot summer days be significantly decreased, but also you will also help prevent the so-called heat island effect which is common for urban areas.

The downside to this solution is the fact that it is most commonly made out of white asphalt shingles, which aren’t exactly recyclable, even with all the other ways that it benefits your surroundings. A better idea might be going for a white metal roof.


Metal roof

Speaking of metal roofs, the fact that they are becoming increasingly popular is of no surprise. They are capable of absorbing energy significantly more than any other known material. In other words, your energy bills are going to be among the lowest when it comes to choosing what kind of roof you want. A metal roof doesn’t absorb that much heat, so your heating and cooling costs are going to drop.

Furthermore, metal is not only durable but also extremely recyclable. Steel, copper, and aluminium roofs can last for a very long time, even up to an entire century. Before its time is up, you can look for residential roof repairs in order to keep it standing as long as possible. Once it has aged enough, you can get the material recycled and reused.


Sustainable wood shingle roof

A great combination of a classic style and going for an “all-natural” solution, is certainly a roof made out of sustainable wood shingles. They are sustainably handled straight from the woods, which means that they are highly biodegradable.

The only downsides to this solution are the high price of wood shingles and the fact that they are very flammable. So, if you are living in an area that is often threatened by fire danger, you should consider other options. Otherwise, it’s a stylish and very eco-friendly option.


Recycled shingles roof

If you truly want to go “full green” with your home, you might want to consider a roof made out of recycled shingles. In other words, this kind of roof consists of various recycled waste materials, like wood fiber, plastic, rubber, and the like. There are even such made out of factory waste or waste coming from homes.

What is great about them is that one can never tell what they are made of just by looking at your roof. They look great and are very durable as well. By making this choice, you will make sure that all that waste doesn’t end up in a landfill. Furthermore, a great number of such materials is recyclable.


In summary

You have to consider the fact that there is no perfect solution for roofing your house. There is a wide variety of choices, each defined by different properties. There are pros and cons to every solution, and in the end, a lot of it depends both on where you live and what kind of style you are aiming for. However, the very choice to “go green” is always a smart one.


BIO: Ron Wolf is a hobby designer and a DIY enthusiast, and, above all, a very blessed father of two. Besides that, he has a strong passion for writing. He is a featured blogger at various blogs and magazines in which he shared his research and experience with the vast online community. If he is not working he enjoys being outside with his family. Hiking, bike riding, and BBQing are always a thing for him. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries or build something with kids in their lego corner.