Easy ways to save money on your interior design

These days, everyone is looking to make their money go further, from utility bills to fashion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some interior design luxuries every now and again. Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful and unique home, so if you’re looking for ways to give your apartment or house a fresh look this spring, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tips…

Jump on the up-cycling bandwagon

Up-cycling is the latest craze. Born out of the 1940s “Make Do And Mend” attitude, people are cutting back on buying anything new, and breathing new life into vintage items. Explore local charity shops for more unique antiques pieces; if you find the perfect style that needs a loving hand to restore it, strip it back and re-paint it in your own décor colours. Re-upholstering armchairs can be a brilliant way of getting quite an expensive piece of furniture for a fraction of the price.

Use accessories to re-invent furniture

If you have pieces of furniture that you can’t or don’t want to change, but you feel they need a re-fresh, add some different accessories. If it’s a plain sofa for example, add some colourful cushions and a patchwork throw. If your coffee table is looking a little boring, add a new cover by sticking down family photographs or postcards onto it, before sealing them with a pane of glass.

Shop around for big savings

If you prefer modern furniture to the retro look, you can easily save hundreds by shopping around the right places. Keep your eye on designer discount stores like Homesense, or outlet centres where end of line stock is sold for rock-bottom prices. Another good tip is to shop via large online retailer sites, who have hundreds of ranges. For example, Better Bathroom have regular discounts off the finest quality bathroom suites, selling everything from power showers to bathroom cabinets and other accessories.

Wallpaper only once

If you’ve fallen in love with an expensive print of wallpaper, just cover one feature wall – usually either the one directly facing you when you walk into the room, or the longest wall available. This then becomes a design feature that you can base the rest of your colour scheme around, and you can just paint the rest of the walls in one of the calmer colours highlighted in the wallpaper. You’ll get even more of a wow factor when guests come to call, because the impact is amplified.

Make floral displays yourself

Are you in need of a decorative dining table display, something simple for your fireplace, or even just an addition to your coffee table? There’s nothing to stop you creating your very own floral displays throughout your home. Glass terrariums are often the best, as they require next to no maintenance once created, and can be made to look like miniature secret gardens or fun beach themes.

How do you save money on interior design?