Energy Efficient Homes – How To Cut Down And Save Money On Your Energy Bills

This is a topic we’ve touched on in a previous post but it’s one well worth revisiting.  It’s impossible to be unaware of the environmental problems caused by our energy consumption: pollution and climate change are not going away anytime soon.  We look to our governments to make the changes which will help to resolve these problems, but we can all play our part as individuals.  Making your home energy efficient will not only save you money but it will also help the environment.  If we all do our best to reduce our energy consumption the benefit to the environment will be significant. So, let’s start cultivating those good habits right away.


Don’t waste electricity.

Most of us have grown up with the idea that electricity from a plug or water from a tap is an unlimited resource and we have become habituated to using them without thinking.  It requires a conscious change of mindset to start to use energy in a much more thoughtful way.  Electrical appliances which are left plugged in continue to drain energy, it’s known as vampire energy, so make sure everything is always unplugged when not in use.  Don’t heat and light your whole house if it’s not necessary, use natural light rather than keeping lights switched on all the time.  Reduce your dependence on small electrical appliances: chop food by hand instead of using a food processor, sweep up instead of vacuuming.  Make sure that the appliances and light bulbs that you have are energy efficient.

 Energy Efficient Homes - How To Cut Down And Save Money On Your Energy Bills





Consider using solar energy

Fitting solar panels to your roof will require an initial capital investment but once made you’ll be producing clean green energy and any surplus you produce can be sold to the National Grid.  The technology is becoming cheaper and more efficient all the time so even if this something which you cannot afford at the moment, it’s worth bearing in mind for the future.  If you have a property where you use exterior lighting, you should certainly make use of solar powered lights.


Switch energy supplier

Forty-five per cent of consumers haven’t ever changed their energy supplier and consequently they are likely to be paying much more than they need to.  Energy suppliers save their best deals to attract new customers and existing customers with roll-over contracts find themselves paying more for their energy.  Shop around and see what offers are out there, plans like dual energy tariffs can cut down your energy bills as you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier. Also, opting for a supplier that offers renewable energy can also be a good idea if you want to be more consumption conscious.

Energy Efficient Homes - How To Cut Down And Save Money On Your Energy Bills









Instead of those trendy blinds, use lined curtains over drafty windows and use draft excluders around doors.  The correct level of loft insulation will also dramatically reduce the amount of heating which you have to use.