5 great security features you can add to your home

In a hectic modern world, your home should be where you feel most safe and comfortable. And given it contains all your most prized possessions – including loved ones of course – it makes sense for you to protect it.

The Home Office states that the average residential burglary costs over £3,000. That includes loss of goods, time is taken off work and emotional impacts too. Even in the safest of areas, home security can be worth investing in for peace of mind.

Below we rundown five security features and systems you might want to add to your property.


home security habits

Security cameras can work as both a deterrent and a means of securing justice and have come a long way since the days of recording grainy, useless footage. Modern solutions can display high definition images while connected to a mobile app for real-time viewing and storage.

Many also come with night vision and motion detection functionality. Bear in mind that visible cameras should be located out of reach.

A video doorbell


Video doorbells are effectively more advanced versions of door spy holes. They allow you to see movement directly outside your house from an app, whether you’re at home, at work or on holiday.

You can use them to screen visitors while also recording valuable video footage. And if you’re partial to online shopping, they’re useful for interacting with delivery couriers too.

Sensor lights

Outdoor lights can either be switched on manually or set off by movement. Lighting up the front and back of your property is an effective burglar deterrent while also reducing the risk of trips and falls.

Solar-powered options offer an easy way to save energy if you receive enough sunlight. Make sure to avoid directing lights at neighbours or nearby roads, however.

Burglar alarms

Simply installing a visible alarm can be enough to put burglars off. Different options come with wi-fi functionality and app integration and/or third-party monitoring, as well as motion detection and a loud siren.

If you don’t want to splash the cash on a full-home system, a low-cost ‘dummy alarm’ could be all you need to deter potential intruders.

A smart home security system

Best Smart Home Hubs

What if you want all the above? Smart home security systems are made up of interconnected security devices like those we’ve discussed that communicate with each other and relay notifications back to an app.

You can also use some smart home security systems for other functions such as lighting and heating.

Do any of these options sound appealing to you? However you choose to secure your home, you’ll feel better for being protected.