Security Installation Ideas to Improve Property Value

home security

Property security is one of the top things a buyer will look for when considering a purchase. And why wouldn’t they? Feeling secure in your home is essential to a happy domestic life. Nobody wants to live somewhere they don’t think is safe.

But how can developers and sellers make sure their property really lives up to the phrase ‘as safe as houses?’.

In 2018, there are plenty of options available that can help you bolster property security. Investing in these tools can dramatically shift the perception of your potential buyers and help to demonstrate just how secure their new house could be. This can not only boost value, but it also enables you to access new areas of the buyers market.

So what are these security improvements?

Integrated Smart Cameras

CCTV is the number one domestic crime deterrent. Thieves have little interest in having their face caught on camera. But cameras don’t just keep burglars away; they also attract buyers.

Installation of CCTV on your property gives buyers a visual element that helps them conceptualise the idea of high security. Other common security systems like advanced alarms and good locks might be important, but they are much more subtle and aren’t so easily observed.

Just as buyers like kerb appeal and a fancy kitchen, we know that a lot of buying is done with the eyes. Cameras fixed to strategic security points around the home paint a picture an internal window lock never could.

But you can go even further.

Modern security cameras can be hooked up through smart hubs to monitors and displays fitted into living areas of the home. This allows direct access to camera feeds, like many people will have seen in luxury homes or Hollywood films. This kind of advanced security can really sell the idea of safety and get would-be buyers to seriously consider the potential of your property.

Built-in Safes

There are hundreds of thousands of break-ins and burglaries across the UK each year. What’s worse, 95% of these are never solved. This means valuables made off with are almost always lost. This is a frightening statistic and one that will be of great concern to many homeowners.

But, as a property developer or seller, you can put potential buyers’ minds at ease.

In the event of burglary, a safe is the ultimate protective method of keeping thieves away from valuable goods. Homeowners can store everything in them, from car keys and phones to documents and jewellery. And, with modern safety measures like biometric locks and multiplayer security layers, they’re almost impossible to crack.

A safe though, can be bought by anyone. You can find home safes for sale in a variety of places, so how do you, as a property developer, improve upon something your buyer can easily access?

You include it within the property itself.

What’s safer than a safe? — A safe that is either hidden or integrated into the building so that it can’t even be removed. Adding built-in safes to walls or floor space can add an extra element of security that buyers love. It ramps up the security of valuables and ensures that, if a buyer was to fall victim to a burglary, their most treasured valuables wouldn’t contribute to the 95% statistic.

Access Control Systems

The lock and key has a history dating back a few thousand years. Much like safes, they are a mainstay of security used all around the world to keep properties secure. But, in the 21st century, they are no longer your best option when it comes to locking doors and keeping people out of the home.

Access control systems are the new lock and key. You’ve already been using them for years in places like hotels and public buildings: unlocking doors with cards, fobs and codes, rather than keys, but now the technology is making its way into homes. The benefits of access controls are obvious. They can be managed automatically; they can be adjusted if an access method is lost or compromised, without the need for an entire change of locks; and you can’t pick a lock if there isn’t an actual lock to pick.

The technology isn’t expensive either: a few hundred pounds can get you a decent door-entry system for either a main property entrance or an external gate. This kind of access control is an impressive feature that grabs a buyer’s attention. It exudes high-end security and gives the impression of real safety. You expect to find this kind of hardware in big-budget homes, so its inclusion on smaller properties can really help boost buyer confidence.