The Best Ways to Sell Your House Quickly

Selling a house is always a tricky proposition – and considering how long a house sale takes, selling a house quickly is even trickier. For those who are looking for a rapid sale of their property, the road to a sale can be winding and confusing.

So we’re here to help! Here’s our list of the best ways to sell your house quickly:

  • Use a private house buyer – Using a private house buyer can be the ideal option for those who are looking to sell their house quickly. This type of private house buyer works quickly to buy a house – no matter what type of condition, with a free valuation and no fees. For those looking to sell quickly with a minimum of stress, this type of sale might be perfect.
  • List it at a realistic price – It’s essential that you list your house at a realistic price for the market, especially if you’re looking to sell quickly. If you’re looking to make an absolute killing of a profit on your property, you may be waiting for a very long time – or perhaps forever – for that golden goose to show up with their checkbook. An overpriced property can quickly slide into that “unsellable” range so make sure you value your house first. It’s better to be realistic. So also do your research. Take a look at what similar-sized properties in the area have sold for, and base your price around that, and be prepared to be flexible with your range.
  • Make sure that it is clean and attractive – This is an obvious one … but it’s one that’s so obvious that many homeowners just forget it! Think of a home showing like a first date, or a job interview: you want to put your absolute best foot forward on the occasion. So it’s necessary to do a thorough clean-up job. Think about the exterior first. Make sure the lawn is mowed and watered, bushes and shrubs are trimmed and clipped, the garage is swept and in order, any dings and errors in the porch and steps are repaired, the roof is in excellent condition, and there’s no glaring damage to windows or chipped paint on the sides of the house. On the interior, make sure garbage and recycling is picked up and disposed of, dirty dishes and clothes are put away, any messes are cleaned up and any of those little repairs that are necessary around the house are taken care of before the potential buyers come by.
  • Declutter – Whether it’s as extreme as compulsive hoarding or simply books and clothes in the corner, it’s natural that stuff piles up, especially if you’ve been in your home for a while. All of those piles – the clothes, the toys, the books, the projects – that may just be afterthoughts or just something invisible to the homeowner can be tremendously distracting to a potential buyer. Before you show the house, give it a good sweep to get rid of all those annoying piles that have grown into monsters over the years.
  • Give potential buyers a “blank slate” – It may sound harsh, but one of the best ways to give potential buyers a good look at what they might have with their potential home is to depersonalize it for them. All those little things that make your home your own – the pictures, the magazines scattered about, the books on the shelves – those are your personal touches, and those can distract from what the buyer wants to see. They want to imagine their own spot – so give them the “blank canvas” on which they can project their dream home.