5 Awesome Benefits to Selling your House with a Quick Sale Firm

If you’ve ever sold a house or have seriously looked into selling your house there is no doubt you’ve come across companies that claim they will buy your house for cash FAST.

For the inexperienced and for those selling their house for the first time this would come as a bit of a shock. Their first thoughts would instantly be something along the lines of ” Are there really companies out there that have hundreds and thousands of pounds in reserve and can buy my house for cash? On top of that it will be done quickly?

Almost seems too good to be true – well it isn’t and these companies do exist.

As a matter of fact, it’s not only cash buying companies that can complete these type of transactions, even normal buy to let landlords are taking this approach.

According to This is Money Landlords purchasing homes for cash has hit a record level with 60% of buy-to-lets being bought mortgage free.

Why does this matter? If you factor quick sale firms into the equation the overall number will only increase, so yes, it is possible to sell your home for cash quickly and doing so comes with a number of benefits as opposed to selling via more traditional methods such as using an estate agent. Let’s run though some of these benefits now.

1) Reduced fee’s or none at all

One of the big selling points of using a quick sale company is they charge you for less fee’s or none at all compared to what an estate agent would. Which fee’s am I talking about?

There is no commission or selling fee involved.

  •  All legal fee’s are paid.
  • RIC’s survey is paid for (This one varies – some firms offer it & some don’t).
  • Be sure to read any fine print thoroughly so see which fee’s your chosen firm will cover.

2) Faster completion time

All quick sale companies claim they can complete the sale of your home faster than selling via other methods. The truth is most of them can but the time varies depending on the firm. Some claim they can do it in a week, others 2 weeks and some say up to a month.

It’s best not to take just their word for it though. If you have decided on a company you want to sell your house fast with, look them up. Do some research, most firms are registered to independent merchant review systems like Feefo. Read these reviews, read testimonials, you can even track down previous clients and ask them if you’re still unsure.

3) Genuine Cash Buyers (In most cases)

This one is hit and miss as there are some quick buying firms that claim they will buy your house for cash but instead attempt to sell it via a third party so it’s important to pick the right one when selling your home.

Fortunately, firms like Housebuyers4u are 100% legit and do genuinely buy houses for cash so they do exist – you just need to do your research and pick the right company.

4) Less Hassle & Less paperwork

Most of the paperwork is taken care of by the company buying your house and correspondence is done via phone and email. For the most part you just need to sit tight and wait until instructions are given.

5) You don’t have to worry about viewings or board meetings

As the majority of quick sale firms buy with their own cash funds, you need not worry about having to get your home ready for viewings or having to take time out of your work day to attend any meetings. You don’t even have to worry about marketing your property (which can cost a fair amount) as it is a cash sale.

Author Bio

Housebuyers4u is one of the oldest & most reliable cash home buying companies around. With over 42 years experience in the property industry the experts at our firm can help with all your property needs. We at Housebuyers4u are true cash buyers, this essentially means we buy everything with our own funds – there are no middle men involved. By operating this way we can actually guarantee a cash offer regardless of location/situation & complete the purchase of your home as quick as 7 days – no chain.