7 Tips for Setting Up a Great Backyard BBQ

Who doesn’t love a barbecue? It’s a great time to relax and make a meal with minimal washing up afterwards.

Does it get any better than that?


The reasons for firing up the grill have evolved with the changing lifestyles in the UK. Sometimes, good weather is enough.

To make it an enjoyable experience, it helps to learn what tips the scales the other way.

Common reasons include just not knowing how to cook lamb or beef properly or a bland menu. Doing your homework and getting familiar with the special demands of grilling out is your first task.

But, it’s not the only one…

1. Start With a Clean Slate

The essential thing for setting up a great backyard BBQ is a clean grill. The obvious reasons are that it’s safer without all that fat ready to catch fire. It’s also a tasty way to prepare your food.

Charred browned bits are fine—as long as they aren’t a week old. Yuck!

Just because your party is outside doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tidy up the yard and your grill.

2. Get Adventurous With What You Put on the Barbie


Let’s face it. Burgers are tasty cooked on the grill but don’t overdo it!

Try some new meats like lamb or pork. Vegetables get a new life on the grill. You may even find that the kiddies are asking for more.

Also, think about different cuisines.

  • North African.
  • Argentian.
  • Caribbean.

Think of it as a virtual vacation in your outdoor kitchen.

3. Give Your BBQ a Theme

bbq ideas

If you’re going to the bother to invite your friends to your home, give them an experience!

Don’t make it just an everyday kind of BBQ. Make it stand out with a theme. It’s an excellent way to tie the menu with the occasion.

Offer a drinks menu to match the food.

Decorate your backyard to transport your guest to a different time and place.

Set the BBQ to music that sets the mood.

4. Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable

bbq party in the garden

Nothing encourages lingering and conversation more than a cosy place to sit and nosh and chat. Make your patio that place.

Plan on taking care of party-busters like midges and mosquitoes with bug zappers and sprays to keep them at bay.

Also, make sure everyone can stay warm.

A fire pit with a roaring blaze is a great way to keep the party going even if the temperatures take a dip.

5. Have Something for Everyone

bbq theme

You probably have a good idea of your friends’ dietary needs if you’ve spent any time together. You know which ones are vegetarian and those that must avoid gluten.

Don’t forget those dietary restrictions at your BBQ!

Have options available so that everyone can partake of the feast. If you can, set up another grill to cook items separate from the others to avoid cross-contamination.

6. Plan! Plan! Plan!

It’s essential to think about both your guests’ comfort and your clean-up afterwards.

Make sure to get up enough chairs and bins to tick off both boxes.

Likewise, have enough food and libations available. After all, you don’t want anyone to leave hungry or thirsty. Erring on the side of caution with extras is better than running out of something after the shops close.

7. Add Games to Make It Fun

croquet games in the garden

We use this term loosely. You can have a variety of things for people to do.

Think bocce ball or croquet.

Trivia games or charades never go out of style.

Don’t forget the kiddies, either.

You can also plan on activities to help bring the get-together to a close with a story told around a campfire. The parents will thank you.

Be flexible to the mood of the group. We’d suggest having several options available, especially if weather takes the party indoors. Like food and drink, you can never have too many choices.

Final Thoughts About Backyard BBQs

Planning with lots of options is the key to a successful party. The atmosphere of the outing can change quickly. Make sure you have what is necessary to keep everyone entertained and sated.

A well-planned BBQ is an excellent way to make your home the go-to place in the neighbourhood.