Should I put my property on the market close to Christmas?

The perceived wisdom in the property market is that December is not the best month to put your house on the market for the obvious reasons; prospective buyers will be busy with their Christmas shopping and holiday plans, and this puts buying a house way down on their list of priorities.

However, what should you do if you want to sell your house quickly?

There are many aspects of selling a property, from putting the particulars together, creating the EPC (energy performance certificate), perhaps even doing some tidying up or dressing up your property for a better curb appeal.

Depending on how quickly you wish to sell and how much you want to achieve from your property (within reason) an experienced agent can advise on the next step of action.

Listing your property on the market in November or December

  • If your property is in a particularly sought after area, with higher demand, meaning more buyers will be interested in the same house, your agent may list your property with all the portals up to mid-December. There are still many people looking to buy and if you are in a hurry to sell there is no reason to delay the marketing of your property all the way to January.
  • For any other property that perhaps needs some work or may not attract so much interest it is advisable not to list it post the 1st of December but to wait until January.

Why is listing a property in January generally thought to be better than listing it in December?

When an agent lists your property with any of the portals, it initially will appear as ‘new’ or ‘just added’. This creates more interest amongst property buyers as there is a perception that the new listings are somewhat better than the properties that have been on the market for a bit longer.

This in turn will generate a greater wave of enquiries from buyers who have just started looking for a new property to buy, post the Christmas holidays.

Why it’s best to speak to an agent before I decide my plan of action?

Apart from the online activities, an estate agent will have a large list of potential buyers who they can contact offline with the aim of selling them your home.

These people know what they are looking for and may be willing to buy in December if they are offered the right house.

Like all markets, the property market has its peaks and troughs. There will be times when it is easier to sell a property and other times when the market is slow.

Of course, it would be irresponsible to deny that property sales do tend to slow down in the run-up to Christmas.

However, if trying to sell your house as close to Christmas is urgent; you don’t have to wait until January.

Contact your local agent as soon as you realise you need to sell your home.

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