Simple steps to get your full security deposit back when you’re moving out of your property abroad

property abroadFirst, pay off the Final Dewa Bill as per your signed tenancy contract Terms, which says to return the villa in original Shape. Get the painting & cleaning done and if anything is broken in the villa make sure it’s fixed and ask the owner to inspect the house. This should go a long way into getting your full deposit back.

What type of maintenance and cleaning should I do before leaving to prevent my money from being deducted?

The best way to do so is to find your own maintenance man. Gather contact details and compare their rates to get the best discount. Repainting the house, fixing the broken items and returning the villa to the same condition when you moved in helps you in getting zero Deduction from the deposit amount. If you leave the maintenance and cleaning to the landlord, there’s a fair chance that they could overcharge you and you’d lose a lot of your deposit money.

How much can a landlord charge me for a deposit?

For unfurnished properties, it is 5%, whereas furnished properties completely depend on the checklist and the mutual understanding with you & the landlord. The amount is different in every case.

How can getting professional help from a broker, help the tenant in preventing their security?

Many professional reality companies, like AAJ property in Dubai, take the security deposit on their name. You sign a tenancy with them and the tenant acknowledges at the time of receiving the home key that the villa is in perfect condition. It is now their responsibility to return it to the same condition when they leave. Make sure you pay your Dewa bill off, get the maintenance work done, and call your brokerage. After which he must return you the full deposit back.

How can planning a move out earlier help me in getting the full deposit? What should I do during the notice period

One thing a tenant must remember is his tenancy expiry date. It means that, at the expiry, when the tenant moves out, the villa should be in the same condition. But in many cases, the tenant doesn’t take it seriously and moves out on the same day or one day before. Often this results in immediately asking for the deposit back. Notice can be for 7 days, or simply send the landlord a notice that on the expiry date of the tenancy, the villa shall be painted and you can come the same day to return the deposit.