Simple ways to increase your home’s value

Rising property values in the UK are encouraging an ever-growing number of homeowners to make improvements to their homes, rather than move.


Adding an extra bedroom or ground floor extension, building a conservatory or renovating a kitchen or bathroom can increase a property’s value by more than 10%.

But there are many other ways to improve a residential property that require less outlay yet still increase its value.

This can start with carrying out repairs to a property’s exterior that not only increase its kerb appeal to potential purchasers but also protect from damage caused by the elements.

Here, we look at four property maintenance tasks that can increase the value of your home.

Decorating your property’s exterior

Cleaning and painting the exterior of a residential property can create a good first impression for many viewers.

People who see a rundown property on the outside are likely to think a little less of the property’s interior, even if it is completely spotless. On the other hand, properties with an attractive exterior make a good first impression and will appeal more to the potential buyer.

Even if it is something as simple as cutting down the weeds and trimming the front garden, adding a few hanging plants and giving the front of the property a new coat of paint, it can make all the difference.

Taking such steps to improve the look of your home also helps to increase the overall aesthetic of the neighbourhood.

Roof repairs

The roof is one of the most important parts of any property. It provides crucial warmth and shelter, but is often missed in a property viewing or a mortgage valuation.

If any repairs are needed on a roof, it doesn’t take too long for quick fixes to escalate into some hefty bills if left untreated.

Using scaffolding to analyse and conduct necessary repairs is essential. You can also seek out cracked and chipped roof slates in order to replace them and clean away any mould or mildew growing on the tiles.

Unfortunately if your roof is not kept in good shape, it can quickly leak and cause immense damage to the rest of your property. It can even affect the foundations and structure of the property itself, so it is important that you check your roof for potential leaks and cracked tiles regularly.

Cleaning and painting high ceilings

Hard-to-reach areas of a home’s interior are often neglected by owners, but greying walls and dirty ceilings are known to put potential purchasers off.

Homes with high ceilings are proving increasingly popular among buyers of period properties. To make your hard-to-reach areas a stand-out feature of your property, why not hire a cherry picker when cleaning and painting them? These elevated work platforms are safer than standing on a ladder to complete the job. And if you aren’t sure about doing it yourself, you could hire a professional to carry out the work.

Gutter clearing and repairs

If a gutter is clogged up and overrun, you are likely to get roof leaks leading to damp, mould and mildew spreading across the house.

Keep your gutters clear using a hired professional and make sure that the flow of water is working properly in order to avoid leaks. While this will not increase the value of your property, it helps make it more attractive to potential buyers.

It is just as important to take good care of the exterior of your property as it is the interior when you are looking to sell.

While properties requiring renovation still appeal to certain landlords and investors, homes that can be moved into immediately without the need to carry out costly repairs appeal to a far greater proportion of purchasers.

By analysing all aspects of the property and making the necessary changes to give it more appeal when selling it, you can both reduce the time it takes to receive an acceptable offer and increase your property’s market value.

Article provided by Mike James, working together with West Sussex-based MC Property Maintenance, which was consulted about the information contained in this piece.