Sliding Sash Windows Verses Replacement Steel Windows

Both modern replacement sliding sash windows and steel windows are great choices – but they are DIFFERENT choices. Our guide will run you through the differences between the two types of replacement window and the benefits of each.

window-frameSliding sash windowsFirstly, replacement sliding sash windows and replacement steel windows are both modern solutions to traditionally designed period windows, which still offer a great period look that is in-keeping with their surroundings. Benefits also include increased insulation and energy efficiency, as well as all the security features you would expect from a modern window.

Both eliminate many of the problems traditionally associated with their period predecessors, with the new aluminium steel replacements virtually reducing any condensation and new sliding sash windows solving any problems associated with rot, swelling, warping and rattling in windy conditions.

Although is certainly true that traditional sliding sash windows and steel windows make attractive window features, their more modern replacements also do as well.

The new aluminium steel window replacements look very similar to the traditional steel windows. Our modern alternative to steel windows feature astragal bars instead of the old Georgian style steel bars. Secure and slim-line, but still ultra strong, they have a powerful lock which fits the opener to the frame and also feature fire egress hinges which mean our windows can open up to 90 degrees.

The same goes for our traditional and alternative sliding sash windows. If you are a strict traditionalist with your windows, our modern replacement wooden sash windows are the perfect choice. However, we also offer sliding sash windows in new white woodgrain upvc. A new alternative to sliding sash windows, they cost up to 40% less than traditional wooden alternatives and come with several different double glazing options. We will not bore you with figures, but in testing we have even found that people struggle to tell the difference between the two sash window types. Our experienced team of fitters also go the extra mile and add new wooden architraving, basically new mouldings fitted around your window, and add a paint finish that matches the finish of your new white woodgrain window.

If the life of your existing traditional sash or steel windows is coming to an end, considering a modern alternative would certainly be much kinder to your bank balance, whilst offering you the same impressive traditional look with all the features of a modern window.