7 Simple Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

7 Simple Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Dreamed of having a bigger kitchen? A spacious kitchen with a 10-foot ceiling and plenty of sunlight streaming through expansive windows that perfectly highlights the delicious food you prepare. There is no need to start hunting for a bigger apartment or remodelling your existing kitchen just yet. There are a few ways to make your kitchen look and feel bigger without knocking down any walls.

Here are few simple, creative design tricks to give your space a more modern kitchen design, more breathing room, and make it feel more spacious:

1. Paint the Town White

Since white paint reflects light, it can instantly make your small kitchen feel open and airy. If you choose white for your kitchen cabinets, walls, ceiling, and even counter tops, you can create the illusion of a seamless space without boundaries.

2. Subtle Shades

Not a fan of white? Choose lighter, subtle pastel shades that still reflect light such as a creamy off-white, soft grey, light grey-blue or a buttercream yellow. Avoid darker shades that can make the space seem smaller.

Try to choose colours in the same tone and family with subtle differences to visually expand a kitchen and prevent it from looking washed out. Whatever colour scheme you choose, make sure it is light, bright, and consistent.

3. Let the Light In

When it comes to visually enlarging smaller spaces, natural light is your best friend. While you may not be able to control the number of windows in your kitchen, you can maximise the light you let in by keeping your window treatments simple and minimal.

If you opt for curtains, consider light curtains that let the sunshine in. You can also remove them entirely to allow enough sunlight to make the kitchen space feel bright and airy.

If you don’t have windows near your kitchen, pendant lights or lighting underneath the top cabinets can bring more light to the space.

4. The Shinier The Better

You know the age-old interior design trick of using mirrors to make a room look and feel bigger? Shiny appliances, sparkling floors, glossy cabinets, marble counter tops, and stainless steel all reflect light and give the room much-needed brightness and depth.

5. Elongated Patterns

Horizontal lines and patterns can create the illusion of a wider, larger space. For instance, a rug with horizontal stripes can instantly have a widening effect on a small kitchen. Laying out tiles or wooden flooring parallel to the entrance of the room, rather than following the length of the room, also stretches the floor space.

6. Sleek Furnishing

Keep your furnishing smaller, visually lightweight and clean to keep your modern kitchen design practical. Think slender chains or bar stools, kitchen tables and chairs with narrow legs, and a slimmer work island that reveal more of the space, instantly making the room feel much larger than it actually is.

7. Storage, storage, storage

Investing in storage is the simplest way to make your tiny kitchen appear more spacious. Eliminate clutter and ensure that every item has a purpose and a place. Keep your counter tops clear of unnecessary appliances. Conceal your toaster, coffee maker, blender and other appliances behind cabinets, but make sure that they are still easy to access.

If you want to show off your pretty dinnerware, consider using open shelving. However, it must always be kept minimal and tidy.