5 Smart Devices You Should Install In Your Apartment For Security And Safety

Today’s apartments use more advanced apartment systems such as smart security systems, programmable lights, smoke and fire detectors, facial recognition cameras, motion-activated sensors, and automatic police alerts. The idea of secure, high-tech apartments is now a reality.

When it comes to apartment security, increasing your home security is as easy as ordering some of the best smart devices from an electronic shop. Fortunately, smart apartment devices aren’t necessarily expensive. At the same time, you can choose from an array of affordable smart devices to keep your apartment safe and secure.

If you are not sure where to start — understandable as the choices and models can be amazingly varied — this article summarizes five (5) of the best smart devices you can buy to protect you and your family from threats:

Smart Home Surveillance Cameras

smart cameras

Not so long ago, apartment surveillance meant that you had to pay for expensive security services. Today, however, the boom in consumer-level smart apartment technology means that apartment surveillance is more affordable. Smart apartment surveillance cameras are usually wireless, require very minimal installation, and provide a wide range of security features.

Whether you’re looking to contain apartment intruders or just looking to keep an eye on your pet, smart surveillance cameras can deliver a live video stream directly to your smartphone. They come in various shapes and sizes and are great additions for buildings that support smart apartment technology. If you’re still looking for such buildings, you can rent an apartment in Chester that are fitted with provisions for smart apartment devices.

Depending on your needs, some smart camera options offered include infrared or night vision, motion-activated recording sensors, two-way communication, HD video support, and cloud storage. Smart cameras readily support other smart devices, and most models include built-in speakers so that you can talk with a person approaching your apartment or sound an alarm.

Smart Locks

A smart lock is generally used as a part of the best intelligent apartment security systems. These locks use mobile apps, voice assistance, and Wi-Fi to lock or unlock your door, grant temporary access to guests, and so forth. For instance, if you have guests and you can’t answer the door immediately, or there are callers you don’t want to see, smart locks could be your answer.

A well-chosen smart lock offers security and flexibility that allows you to remotely control access to your apartment. With most smart locks, you can create virtual keys that can be temporarily programmed to work during specific hours.

Smart locks can also be connected with other smart apartment devices to complement your apartment security system. For instance, when you open the door, the smart lock notifies the intelligent lighting system to turn on the lights. In addition, you can ask service providers such as Alexa and Siri to lock your door when you head out.

Video Doorbell


With video doorbells, you can see the person at your door even if you are far away. Video doorbells use the Wi-Fi network to send an alert when a person or object approaches your door. The device records video when detecting motion or when the doorbell is pressed. Most doorbells allow for full-duplex communication so that you can speak with your visitor through your phone no matter where you are.

Many video doorbells are relatively easy to install and would typically use existing doorbell wiring. Battery-powered versions are also available and can be installed in minutes. Some work with other smart apartment devices such as sirens and door locks. A preferred video doorbell model is one that offers high-resolution video conferencing, a view of 140-180 degrees, and infrared night vision up to a range of 25 feet.

Security Sensor Kit

If you’re not looking to monitor specific rooms but are more interested in monitoring your apartment’s entrances, the security sensor kit is what you need. This system is designed to fit a mobile lifestyle and allows you to take control and run apartment devices when you’re away.

At the same time, security sensor kits are quite affordable. If you only want to monitor the front and back doors of your apartment, you can get a sound security kit for $20 that includes a bridge that communicates with different smart devices.

Smart Bulbs

smart bulbs

Smart bulbs come with an array of perks, such as giving you the ability to turn lights on or off using a smartphone, or even setting a lighting schedule when you’re not in your apartment. If you install smart bulbs in your living room, kitchen, or gallery and program them to turn on and off at certain intervals in the night, your apartment will be less attractive to thieves. At the same time, smart bulbs can also be integrated with other smart security systems. Some models allow you to control and colour the bulbs right from your smartphone.


Smart security devices are more than just about convenience. They can help you create routines, cut energy costs, or notify you when there’s fire, smoke, or a break-in. Installing smart apartment security devices is a great way to begin. When you’re done securing your apartment, you can add other smart devices to make your life safe, comfortable, and efficient when living a fully integrated apartment.